The Private Collection

Hello, my name is Mark Hopkin, the owner of Guitars4You – Quality not quantity is my policy, so please enjoy browsing below, my selection of fine used guitars from The Private Collection – Despite spending over 45 years behind the counter, buying and selling many wonderful guitars, I can hardly say it has been hard work – Today, I view Guitars4You as an extension of a hobby – It allows me to take time evaluating each and every guitar, in order to create the detailed info + reports + pics for my web site listings – I have a simple believe that the guitar is the salesman and not me – If it feels and plays right, then you may well be interested in buying it and hopefully keeping it – All guitars are not equal, with regards to feel, tonal character and playability – Therefore my job is to play, check and set-up every single guitar, in order to maximise its potential regarding the playing performance 

The days of running a full time business with a vast selection of new PRS and Fender Custom Shop Guitars has been and gone – So what is The Private Collection ? – In simple terms it is about used guitars that I have personally owned, or indeed the style of guitar that I would like to own and play on a regular basis – As such they reflect me, my knowledge and passion for cool, classic, quality or affordable vintage guitars – I did have thoughts about offering a specialist ‘theme’ to The Private Collection – ie Only USA PRS Guitars – Only Les Paul’s – Or only Strat’s etc – Which is fine to a degree, but such a closed policy would mean I’d miss playing and evaluating different brands and styles of guitars – So variety and quality reigns supreme 

I still maintain a showroom/man cave in the market town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, but all visits are now strictly via a prior appointment only – So please contact me before hand to discuss further – An express mail order service  is still available as required – I’ll continue to offer the same old school, down to earth, knowledgeable service, that I have provided over the last 45 years, or so – Any additional questions then please do not hesitate to contact me