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I wish my camera skills captured all the beauty that this used 2006 Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic possesses – Majestic, luxurious, regal or seductive are just 4 adjectives that you might use to describe this Anderson as you view that highly figured maple top, that is decked out with a lush translucent purple finish – Yet stunning looks alone are not Anderson’s only assets – Impeccable build quality, attention to detail, a slick playing performance, coupled with an excellent and versatile tonal package are additional attributes that you’ll find on an Anderson  – Click here to read more about Tom Anderson’s Wedgie neck join which is a feature of all Anderson Guitars from 2006 -As such this is an early example with the 2 bolt neck/wedgie option – The 06-21-06A serial number clearly indicates a 2006 date of birth, so as it is now approaching its 18th birthday, you may well expect to find a few signs of use, as you cast your eyes over that shiny gloss finish – Yet any hint of a graze is certainly on the minimal side of things – Maybe I can’t tag it as in new condition, but it is a strong contender for 9.6 out of 10 – The frets are fine, so no issues on that score – Any merest hint of a surface graze is so slight that it is barely worth a mention, so with no nicks or dings to report then I can say it is an exceptionally clean used guitar – It includes the original deluxe Anderson case + certificate – Re-strung and set-up with a new set of 10’s, so already to buy and play with a slick fluid playing action

Additional spec and features includes :-

Playing performance :-  An even taper neck profile is about as slick as it comes – Fluid and easy to play with an action that only requires a light touch to allow you to show off a few tasty cascading licks and tricks – A set of chunky frets allows for effortless and controlled string bending – The even taper profile is more on the medium to slim side of life, so any player familiar with select Ibanez models or the Musicman Petrucci models will already be familiar with such a neck shape – Sure you can dig in and rip into some big blues bends, but this neck will allow you to take a stroll into the fast lane, as required – A satin finish on the maple neck ensures it feels played in from day one , so none of that new sticky feel that you’ll often come across with a shiny gloss finished neck

Tonal character :- Tom Anderson’s desire is to offer you a rewarding musical experience that will enhance your own playing performance and inspire you to greater levels – At the heart of the engine room sit a trio of custom wound Anderson pick-ups – The SA1 hum-cancelling single coil  pick-ups add depth and body to compliment the brightness that is associated with a maple top, so the tone is clear, yet not thin – The H2+ humbucker sits in the middle ground of not to hot, nor to vintage – It works equally well on a clean amp setting or indeed a good overdriven set-up, with just mids to beef up your tone, without taking away from the crisp highs and tight lows – A chambered hollow alder body delivers a light weight instrument, that is both dynamic and responsive to you and how you play it – It also ensures a slightly softer voice with less initial pick attack, so a strong hint of a vocal like flute character – If it was a singer it would be more Karen Carpenter and less raucous, hence  Janis Joplin – So clean and angelic, but it can get a touch nasty if required

Clean amp settings ensure the Hollow Drop Top always sounds chilled out with a clear luxurious quality about it – Check out the two out of phase quack tones to take you towards the voice of Knopfler amongst others – Funky chops have that cutting character without sounding harsh, so they cut through the mix  – On hi-gain amp settings, articulation is king, so you can clearly hear each note from those legato licks  – The same applies for power chords, riffs and arpeggio style chords – Again the tonal character is more sweet than nasty but it can bite back as and when required – On more subtle overdriven amp settings the Anderson can easily morph between those Hendrix style Little Wing moments to the jazz fusion styles of Larry Carlton – Clarity is a by product of an Anderson Hollow Drop Top, but thin and weedy it is not – Maybe you can say it is a touch posh and well educated, but it can get down and mix it with the rockers when it needs to  – The 5 way switch works as you’d expect it to, whilst the mini toggle switch offers split coil options as required – Additionally the tone pot has a push/pull option so the bridge and neck pick-ups can be selected together -Playing any instrument is the ultimate test, so if you are looking for a guitar that can unlock the real magic of your musical life then I suggest a serious test drive is required

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