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There is no doubt whatsoever about the influence behind this used Rock n Roll Relic Thunder 1 – But some of you may well be asking who are the Rock n Roll Relic guitar company – Click here to visit their web site and browse accordingly – Whilst you are at it, then click here to read a review of a similar model, courtesy of Music Radar/Guitarist Magazine, to give you some additional info – I know the whole principle of a buying new guitar, that is then aged, to look old and played in, is similar to the discussion we can have about Marmite – You either love it or hate it – And on that basis some potential buyers have already move on – Yet if you have a soft spot for a quality, custom built guitar, that captures all the best of a vintage guitar, that is now over 60 years old then check out this used Thunder 1 – Even Billy Joe Armstrong owns one, whilst Gilby Clarke and Peter Buck now own a Rock n Roll Relic Guitar – So in no particular order let me update you with a host of info :-

Playability :- Re-strung with a set of Ernie Ball Mondo Slinky 10.5-52 gauge strings and set up with a slinky action that responds to a light touch – I initially set it up with 10-46 gauge strings, but it always felt to slinky with to much ‘rattle/zip’ about it – The 10.5-52 gage strings just make everything a touch tighter and in my opinion suits the guitar  – I’m a fan of the LP Junior style guitars, but some can feel less user friendly to play – They might be fine to dig into blues chords, Muddy Water style riffs and power chords, yet can be somehow ‘stiff’ to handle for any fancy licks, plus string bending – Some might like this ‘fight’ – But after playing modern guitars like a PRS, that are so slick to handle, I like an old style guitar that is still slick and easy to handle – Over the years I’ve played, owned and sold what we might term a players grade vintage guitar – ie not all original, but now ‘upgraded’ with a set of chunky frets, so somewhat easier to handle- And this is the vibe that Rock n Roll Relic’s have captured – It is so fun and easy to play, be it rip roaring riffs, fancy speed licks, punk style power chords, or old school blues – The neck is meaty but with more of a C, rather than D or U profile, so the ‘slimmer’ shoulders make it more comfortable to handle – Yet you need the depth in the neck to aid tone, sustain and stability – I had no issues playing this Thunder 1 for a while

Tonal character :- It is what you’d expect it to be – Raw, but in a musical way, so balls, body and bite but without those spikey harsh highs – I dare say many will not play such a guitar through a clean amp setting, to often – Yet and maybe somewhat surprisingly, it has enough class and warmth about it to handle chilled out chords and melodic lines, even those kind of Hank Marvin tunes – Use the volume and tone pot, to soften the voice as required – But I dare say most will play such a guitar through some overdriven amp/pedal set-up – Be it old blues style from the days of Chess Records, with far less gain, to saturated filth, the Thunder 1 is on home turf – Yet despite it only having one pick up, the Thunder 1 is not a one trick pony, that works only with that full on voice – Use the volume and even the tone pot to fine tune the level of gain, as required – On less gain amp settings you can roll it off for a more chilled out cleaner tone, so kind of ‘The Thrill is gone’ chord backing, to ripping it up for a Johnny Be Goode solo – So plenty of control and emotion available from within you and the volume pot – On higher gain amp settings, such an approach, will trim the gain level from full on to far more subtle – For some styles of playing, then a Thunder 1 might be the only guitar you’ll need – Yet for many players, such a guitar can bring something extra to the table and you’ll have yours of fun exploring its use and tonal capabilities

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