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If there is one used Gibson Guitar I never get bored off, then it’s a classic 335, so the chance to acquire a tasty used Gibson Custom Memphis ES335 Dot Reissue, from 2012,  with a lush antique natural finish, could not be turned down – Especially when you throw in a figured maple body – For a guitar that is now around 12 years old, you might well expect to find that it possesses far more signs of wear ‘n’ tear – It is not in that ‘as new’ or  ‘mint’ condition, or anything like that, but it is fairly clean nonetheless, with little in the way of any negative issues to report and certainly nothing nasty whatsoever – The plus news is that a natural finish is probably the best finish to hide, or disguise, such blemishes – Any slight hint of the odd graze to the nitro gloss finish is barely skin deep, at worse – With barely no hint of any compression marks, be it a buckle graze, or rash to the rear of the body, or the odd ‘pin prick’ size nick to the front of the guitar  – Overall the natural nitro gloss finish has mellowed to give you a touch of that naturally aged ‘vintage’ mojo – As such it looks less ‘shiny’ and more authentic, hence a touch of the VOS finish that you can now find on select Custom Shop Vintage Replicas – With a nicely figured maple top and back, it adds a touch of class and character – Whilst the aged/off white binding blends in with the mellow ‘antique natural’ finish  – You’ll find the usual ‘foggy’ aged vibe to all the nickel hardware but that is very much par for the course – Frets are fine – Following a short visit to my work bench I’ve fitted a new set of 10’s, checked the set-up, polished the frets and cleaned the board with lemon oil, so already to go with a nice sensible easy action

Let’s go back to the early 80’s, when Tokai introduced their excellent range of Jap built replicas, including a fine 335 Dot Replica with a stop tail – Needing to responded very quickly, Gibson dropped the trapeze tailpiece format, that had been around for 20 years or so, and returned to their own golden era, to bring back appropriate vintage flavoured appointments, so from that moment onwards they have not looked back – As this is a model from the Custom Shop facility in Memphis Tennessee, dating back to 2012, it is equipped with a pair of PAF replica Classic 57 humbuckers to enhance the guitars tone – The vintage vibe is instantly apparent, so no shortage of that smooth, rich and  warm character, coupled with good articulation – These are the tonal characteristics that ensure the 335 is such a versatile instrument – Not many guitars cover so many playing styles from chilled out jazz and blues through to jazz/fusion, rock/blues, classic rock or indeed Brit Pop/Indie – The 335 has spent longer in the Gibson product range then any other electric and that is a testimony to its versatility, that has seen it cover every form of popular based music for well over 60 years

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