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Currently you can no longer buy a new  USA PRS Mira – Be it the more affordable S2 USA models, or the original ‘Core Series’ USA Models – Since its introduction into the USA line, in 2007, the Mira has had a bit of a chequered history – It was probably the most ‘simple’ USA guitar built and at the time it was the quickest model to go from a sketch pad design, to prototype, to full scale production – It still retained all the key aspects of any USA PRS Guitar – Exceptional build quality, impeccable attention to detail and an easy to handle playability, with a slick ‘n’ easy action – As an overview comment, it is the PRS Guitar that takes on the Gibson SG, with a more simplistic, all mahogany, style of construction, with no frills

Looking through my stock records I was surprised to see how few used PRS Mira Guitars I have taken back into stock over the last few years – So on that basis I am more than happy to be able to present to you a used PRS Mira from 2010, with a set of ‘shadow’ bird inlays and decked out in a classic solid black finish – Condition wise it is fair to say this Mira has not seen a lot of action at the Bull and Bush on a Saturday night – It is very clean – Not quite worthy of that ‘as new/mint condition’ tag – There is a small ding on the rim, that is fairly subtle and barely noticeable on first viewing – Whilst any blemish to the rear of the body is subtle and barely skin deep, at the worse – Other than that, pick marks on the black scratchplate are the only obvious sign of use – Even the nickel hardware shows little, if any, hint of tarnish – Certainly doesn’t look like it is now a teenager- Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a slick and easy action, that responds to a light touch  – Priced at £1489 and that includes the deluxe PRS case as well as the appropriate swing tag  – Just a quick note on the swing tag –  The hand written tag indicates an early Jan 2011 date, whilst the serial number on the headstock clearly indicates a 2010 date of birth – I’m fortunate to have visited the PRS facility on 3 occasions and know the tags are all most the final part of the whole process, written and signed after the guitar has completed any final QC check, including a playing and set-up – As such, this was then ‘signed off’ in 2011 – Yet the guitar  was actually built and numbered in 2010 – Click here if you wish to read Dave Burrlucks original notes and review, courtesy of Guitarist Magazine, back in 2007

The blue print for the Mira (pronounced My-ra not mirror) was to deliver the legendary PRS impeccable build quality, tonal variation, plus of course that fluid playing performance, in a no frills cosmetic package – I dare say that both PRS and Gibson would not thank me for pointing this out, but essentially the influence for the Mira has come from the Gibson SG Standard, so that should at least give you a vibe about the tonal qualities that it can deliver – Both the one piece contoured mahogany body and neck, along with the headstock facia, are finished with a classic solid black finish, with the whole guitar coming in at a remarkable 7lbs – So light and resonant – A set of 24 medium jumbo frets are polished, correctly profiled, then impeccably fitted to a dark rosewood fingerboard – I’m sure you have clocked the bird inlays  – The neck has the popular Pattern Regular profile, as found on many Custom 24 models, so nice and easy to handle – Measures .848″ around the top nut end, then gently fattens out to .932″ around the 12th fret – Hence with a slightly more narrow top nut width (1 5/8″ v 1 11/16″) it has the feel and dimensions of many classic Fender Strat/Tele models – A few minutes of playing the Mira will ensure that you are playing a guitar with an extremely comfortable feel about it – Great for bashing out some chords and riffs, simple melodic phrases, or if you are so inclined, to churn out some flashy speedy licks – It might have a simplistic vibe and manner to it, but this guitar will not let you down

The hardware includes the PRS light weight milled aluminium wrapover bridge/tailpiece, ideal for those into open or drop tunings, plus a set of PRS 14:1 ratio locking tuners – Fitted with a pair of USA PRS Mira humbuckers with open coils, with all the controls mounted on a scratchplate – Pick-ups measure 8.35K neck and 9.25K bridge, so more vintage output, rather than ‘modern/hot’ – Simple loom, with a master volume and tone pot, 3 way selector switch with the addition of a mini toggle switch to deliver some excellent coil tap options – Note treble bleed cap on the volume pot, to retain highs/clarity, as and when you roll back the volume pot – The all mahogany body/neck helps to deliver SG flavoured tones that possess tight lows, focussed mids and crisp rounded highs – Rich and warm tones emit from the neck pick-up with more of a gritty bite from the bridge pick-up – The coil tap settings are very useful and not the thin weedy tones that you find on many humbucker based guitars – They almost deliver a Tele character, so one little switch can supply you with so much extra tonal variation – In PRS terms it may well be a Plain Jane to look at, but it ain’t plain when it comes to the playing experience

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