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My stint behind the counter has now gone beyond 40 years – During that time I’ve sold and played a host of wonderful guitars – Far to many different attributes, across many models, to pick a top 100, let alone a top 10, but this used PRS Singlecut Rosewood Limited Edition would certainly sit amongst the finest guitars that have passed through my hands – Released in 2001, as part of a very limited run, with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and neck – I can only recall 5 different PRS Guitars with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and neck  – The original 513 and Modern Eagle, from around 20 years ago – Then in 1999, 2001 and 2003, PRS Guitars, as part of a very limited run,  released the McCarty, Singlecut and Santana respectively  – I’m not even sure you’ll find any, or many, Wood Library models with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and neck – Even amongst the flagship Private Stock models, you won’t find many examples with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and neck  – Rare, sublime and exquisite are just three key words that would  help to sum up this PRS Singlecut

In no particular order a host of details regarding this used PRS Singlecut Rosewood Limited Edition :- 

The guitar has been re-strung with 10’s and set-up with a very fluid playing action throughout the length of the 22 fret rosewood fingerboard – The rosewood neck features the wide/fat profile, which  instantly feels  comfortable in the palm of your hand – It measures .869″ around the top nut end, then gently fattens out to .950″ around the 12th fret  – Despite the phrase ‘wide/fat’ it is actually a tad slimmer than many Gibson Les Paul necks – So enough girth to give substance and aide tone and stability, but not to the extent that it will impede your playing – The rosewood neck has been rubbed and polished to leave it feeling silky smooth – As such, without any finish on it, then it feels natural and played in  – With a chunky set of frets, that are correctly profiled and polished to perfection, then string bending is effortless, even with a set of 10’s, whilst a slick action is part and parcel of any PRS Guitar

Played in isolation, then you may well hear little, or no difference, between the tone of a regular Singlecut and this version with a rosewood fingerboard/neck – Compare the two side by side and you’ll hear a ‘softer’ voice thanks to the rosewood neck – Think of the voice of Karen Carpenter compared to Janis Joplin – So more lush and sultry with softer highs – Yet not dark or moody, as articulation is still excellent  – A pair of custom wound and voiced PRS No.7 humbuckers, sit at the heart of the engine room – The neck pick-up is vintage flavoured and measures 7.46K, whilst the bridge pick-up is slightly hotter at 8.51K  – The neck pick-up is loaded with those desirable fat, smooth and lush vintage based tones, with excellent articulation, with no shortage of sustain – Whilst the bridge pick-up is hot and full bodied, with strong mids, smooth clear highs, plus clear tight lows, that ensures it will be adored by the modern rock player who wants that extra grunt, without losing  any musical warmth – The 25″ scale length ensures that it ideal for any players who wish to dapple with various tunings,  as it still remains tight and articulate, so as to allow those big crunching riffs to cut through the mix – The clean tones, on either pick-up, are warm enough to please those looking to relax and delve into chilled out blues licks, or smooth jazz chords – But kick on the ‘dirt ‘ channel on your amp, or pedal, for some great rock tones, with vintage flavoured tones oozing out of the neck pick-up, whilst no shortage of any throaty bite, sustain or articulation from the bridge pick-up, that makes it excellent  for crunch chord work, riffs and scorching lead work – Both volume pots have a treble bleed capacitor fitted, so as to retain clarity as you ‘roll off’ the volume levels on the guitar – This allows you to set up the amp with some overdrive, then adjust the guitars volume pots, as required, from the full on approach, to a softer more chilled out voice, with less gain, yet still preserve the guitars full expressive qualities – As such you and the guitar are in total control of all the emotion, soul and expression that it can deliver – This Singlecut Rosewood Limited Edition has many desirable assets – Rare – Stunning aesthetics – Condition – But in my opinion how it feels, plays and sounds tops it all

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