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Maybe it is my age and it shows how long I’ve now been working in the guitar industry, as I find it hard to believe that this Gibson SG Special is now over 50 years old –  The serial number system alone, from this period, is not exactly accurate to nail down the age, but with the historic data that we are supplied, we assume it is a 1973 model – 6 digit number 136528 – But looking inside the control cavity, the original pots/loom confirm our suspicion, as they are numbered 13773 – It is a fairly clean guitar, in that no repairs, no breaks, no touch up work, no refin, no re-fret, original pick-ups/wiring/loom/pots etc – But it is not all original – More on that below – But more than enough originality and character to appeal to a player and collector a like

In no particular order see my notes below on this 1973 Gibson SG Special with a faded ‘walnut’ finish :- 

Feel, playability + tonal character :- I suppose we will all judge a guitars potential differently – based on our playing styles – What we need the guitar to do and indeed how it compares to other guitars we own and play – To me The Who Live at Leeds era may well sum up this SG at its best – It doesn’t come across as a virtuoso’ s lead guitar that you’ll spend hours up on, showing off your speed licks and tricks – Great for chords and riffs and the more ‘simplistic’ melodic side of lead work – Think The Who, Oasis, Johnny Marr, George Harrison – More so than SRV and EVH etc – Nothing wrong with that as most/many guitars paint their own picture and have their own character – No one guitar does it all – Play simple and effective and you’ll find this SG is loaded with character and will inspire accordingly – I think the guitars tonal character comes across at its best with sensible levels of gain – Not clean and not shred/grunge based – The bridge pick-up can growl, snarl and bite and kick up a storm as required – Tight and focused with plenty of depth and clarity – Neck pick-up is so much smoother – As such both pick-ups on together creates an interesting mix/blend, that allows you to dial in/out each volume pot for additional versatility – Maybe more of a song writers guitar, who delves into melodic licks etc as required, more so than a flash man’s SG – Overall a 50 year old guitar that can tell a good story – Has seen some action, yet can’t wait to work another 50 years, as required – Whilst I know £1800 is not cheap money, yet for a 50 year old guitar, with plenty of character, then a 73 SG Special is a far more affordable step into the ‘vintage arena’ compared to the high prices you see today, for models from the early, middle or late 60’s

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