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Today, as far as PRS concerned, their offering with regards to ‘Strat’ influenced bolt-on maple neck models, revolves around the John Mayer Silver Sky Signature model, plus the under-rated Mark Lettieri Fiori signature model – Prior to this, PRS had some success with the Swamp Ash model, followed by the NF3 and DC3 models – But it all started, over 30 years ago, with the original USA EG models – Various models were released, all essentially the same quality, spec and price, but offered with a choice of pick-up variations  – At the time, the EG models also represented a more budget based USA model – Remember no SE models from the Far East, or S2 models from the USA, back then – Initially a few EG prototype models were built, along with the idea of having the bodies and necks made in Canada or Japan, then shipped to the USA, to be finished and assembled accordingly in Annapolis  –  But such a project never came to fruition – Joe Knaggs was the driving force behind the EG models, with the whole production to remain in the USA  – At the time, the EG models were never considered a successful package, yet it is worth remembering back then, that the PRS facility, at Virginia Ave, Annapolis, was a lot smaller than today’s facility, so production runs were a lot smaller than today, across the whole product range – As such numbers produced were low for all the EG models- But today that means there is a growing fan club for such models, with some collectors trying to collect the set – So now time to introduce you to this used PRS EG4, with a cool gold mist finish – So in no particular order, read below a host of product details :-

Tonal character :- It is obviously a ‘hot Strat’ influenced guitar with the HSS format – So no surprises what so ever – Funky single coil tones with more kick and oooomph from the humbucker – All controlled via  5 way switch – Wired with a master volume pot, with a tone pot for the 2 single coil pick-ups and the humbucker having its own tone pot – The HSS format will always appeal more to a pop/rock player, rather than a pure ‘vintage’ fan , especially when you add some overdrive on the amp – Yet funky ‘Chic’ rhythm voices are there to use as required, as are those percussive SRV Texas Blues shuffle rhythm sounds, via the neck pick-up – But select the bridge pick-up for more kick, dirt, as required – Overall a versatile package, and currently still far more affordable than most other early PRS models from Annapolis

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