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So does this Gibson semi acoustic display more of a ES330 character, thanks to a pair of P90 pick-ups, or does it retain the character of a ES335, thanks to the solid centre maple block in the body – As an overview I’d say it leans more towards a Gibson ES335, albeit, with a pair of P90 pick-ups – Released as part of a small run, from the former Memphis factory, this used Gibson ES335 Dot P90 Soapbar, with a nitro gloss vintage burst finish, dates back to 2019 – Spec’d with less trimmings than a regular 335, hence no crest inlay on the headstock facia, along with just a simple Gibson ‘ transfer’ for the headstock inlay – Plus no binding on the fingerboard – But in this instance, less trimmings does not equate to a lower grade spec’d guitar, that might takeaway from its tonal character and/or playing experience – This P90 335  is still a Gibson thoroughbred – So please read below for a host of product details and info :-

Condition wise :- Not mint, but nonetheless it is very very clean – Any hint of a graze is subtle and skin deep at worse, with certainly no blemish  that resembles a dint or dint – Sure you can see some pick marks, to the very top surface of the gloss finish, mainly on the top E side, along with a circular ‘swirl’ by the neck/ body strap button – But certainly nothing untoward – No fret wear whatsoever – Probably a mix of not been played a lot, plus well cared whilst being played

Playing experience :- As an overview your left hand thinks it is playing a nice 335 – Maybe a more vintage spec’d model from the 50’s era, thanks to a fullish C neck profile – Certainly feels more like playing a 335 than an old school 330 – Hence a nice fluid and easy playing action that suits both a rhythm player and/or those wishing to show off a few Larry Carlton-esq jazz/fusion licks – So a nice blend of old school and modern/fluid – With a shorter body/neck join, the original/vintage ES330 does not really suit more elaborate playing styles, whereas the 335 is more expansive and versatile  – Tone wise I’d probably say it sounds at its best with more subtle levels of gain, as against saturated hi-gain metal levels – Maybe that is just me and my preferences – On clean amp settings it possesses more than enough character not to sound bland or boring – Lush Kenny Burrell style chords and licks sound warm and musical – But, in my opinion this 335 sounds at its best with more subtle levels of gain – Turn the volume pots up to 10, find the level of gain on the amp/pedal, that suits you – Now trim back the volume pot enough, to give you a ‘cleaner’ voice – As such you and the guitar now control the amp and levels of gain required – 6-7 is an ideal base camp, so wind the pots back towards 10 as you require more of a turbo boost – The plus point of a pair of Soapbar pick-ups is what I call the Jekyll and Hyde character – The ability to morph from lush and warm, to edge, punk and raw – The P90 pick-ups will deliver more clarity and articulation that a regular 335 humbucker, with more of a single coil snap – Yet no shortage of depth, body and warmth – The neck pick-up can deliver warm rich ‘jazz flavoured’ tones, whilst the bridge pick-up can bite like a Tele/Nocaster pick-up, as required

Time to be upfront and honest – This P90 335 arrived into stock a while ago – I did not list it for sale straight away, as I’ve been keeping it for myself for a while and having fun with it – I’m a P90 fan  and felt such a package suited me – Alas, like many of us, I can’t afford to keep  everything I like, so at last it is now offered for sale – So enjoy milking every ounce of soul from such a wonderful and versatile package

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