Welcome to Guitars4You

Welcome to Guitars4You, owned and run by Mark Hopkin, with nearly 40 years experience in the guitar business. A discerning selection of classic electric guitars is supported by an old school, down to earth friendly service. The Guitars4You collection of premium grade guitars is about quality not quantity, so sitting alongside a fine selection of used electric guitars from the likes of Gibson and PRS, you can peruse a few chosen pieces from Collings – Yet the heart of my business revolves around an impressive collection of new and used Fender Custom Shop Guitars

I hope you enjoy my web site, as it reflects my passion and knowledge, with detailed information and pictures regarding a fine selection of guitars that I currently offer for sale. For mail order customers, I wish to make shopping on the internet fun, easy and satisfying. Regarding showroom visits and viewings, I work exclusively by appointment, on a one to one basis, as this allows me to offer a personal service to my customers. Therefore I kindly ask you to call me before travelling to arrange a suitable appointment. I’m based in the Derbyshire market town of Ashbourne, so free from the hustle and bustle of the large high street stores, yet within easy reach of many major cities like Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Stoke.

I now do what I like and know best, so for sales, guitar talk, or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call me on 01335-345777, or by e-mail:-mark@guitars4you.co.uk

Sales/Enquiries – 01335 345777 – 9am-7pm Monday to Saturday
Viewings and showroom Visits :- Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm or Saturday 9am – 1pm are generally suitable times


#5220 – Gibson SG Standard ’61’ Reissue – heritage cherry – used/2011 £940

#5187 – Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition ’55’ Journeyman Relic Tele – blonde £2445

#5221 – Fender Custom Shop Ancho Poblano Strat – white blonde £2149

#5252 – Collings i35LC Aged Package – tobacco sunburst £4600

New Showroom – I have now moved to new premises

Cheshire Guitar Show – Crewe Football Ground – Sunday 30th Oct

#5217 – PRS McCarty – McCarty Sunburst – used/2011 £1590

#5258 – PRS McCarty 2011 Special Run – McCarty Tobaccoburst £1535

#5068 – Fender Tele Deluxe circa 1975 – olympic white £2899

#4779 – Fender Custom Shop ’64’ Super Heavy Relic Strat – L series limited edition – sunburst £2299

#5245 – Gibson ES330 Single pick-up – cherry – 1962 £2250

#5251 – Fender Masterbuilt ’63’ Ultra Relic Strat – Jason Smith – Sunburst £4999

#5191 – Fender Custom Shop NAMM Limited Edition 50’s Journeyman Relic Strat £2590

#5250 – Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 50’s Thinline Relic Tele £2449

#4502 – Fender Classic Player 50’s Strat – shoreline gold – 2007

#4407 – PRS 59/09 Limited Edition – black gold – used/2009 £3190

#5205 – Fender Custom Shop 1956 Limited Edition Relic Strat – faded foam green £2699

#5244 – Gibson ES330TD – sunburst – circa 1966 £2990

#5229 – Schecter USA Custom Shop ‘Sultans’ – used/2015 – metallic red £1990

#5201 – Tom Anderson T- Classic – tobacco burst – used/2005 £1599