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Does perfection exist with regards to any electric guitar ? If it does, then how do we actually define perfection ? – If the potential answer to either of these questions is based on build quality alone, then a Huber Orca 59 is in with a good shout of earning a ‘perfection tag’ – Yet equally the key emotional aspects regarding feel and tone, along with the playing performance, are a matter of individual taste and opinion – So ultimately our hands and ears are the true test to evaluate any guitar, whilst our eyes can support any potential buying decision, as the guitars aesthetic appeal comes into play  – With my hand on my heart, could I possibly say this is one of the finest crafted guitars that I have ever seen ? – An easy answer – Yes !!!!!!   Is it the best looking guitar you’ll ever see ? – Will it does have a lot going for it in the visual stakes – Does it feel, play and sound better than any other guitar that is currently offered for sale in the UK ? – Whilst the answer is obviously no, I can assure you that there are far more guitars out there that are offered for sale, either on a dealers wall, or via the likes of Gumtree or E-bay, that can’t get close to the Huber’s key attributes – The easy statement is that this is a mighty fine instrument, that has hell of a lot going for it – Over the years and Gibson have produced thousands of R7,  R8 and R9 models, so they need to find thousands of potential customers – Here we have one of only a few hand built models produced each year, so we only need to find one very happy and discerning customer – Maybe perfection does not exist, but this Huber Orca 59 does a pretty damn job of getting close to the fact

So now let me introduce you to this Nik Huber Orca 59 model and in no particular order, supply you with a few additional pieces of info :-

Regarding the guitars feel, tonal character and playing performance, then it is impossible not to bench mark it along side any R9 replica – The Orca 59 neck possesses the similar full proportions you’ll find on any R8 or R9 – After all you need some meat on the neck to aid tone and stability, but it also needs to be comfortable to play – I don’t think the shape, or size of the neck alone, is the reason a guitar possesses an easy slick playing character – The fingerboard radius, frets and set-up, all have a key impact regarding this criteria – Dig in, and play the blues, or show of a few party licks and tricks and the Orca 59 is a guitar that can be tagged as ‘user friendly’ – A set of medium jumbo frets, that are impeccably installed, correctly profiled, then polished to perfection, certainly help with the overall feel – As does a 10″ to 14″ compound radius – Bottom line is you’ll find a slick easy action, that responds to a light touch – If required then the action can easily be adjusted for additional height, so you feel you have something to fight against

Any chat about the tonal character of the Orca 59 will instantly attract comparison to any R9 – And yes both guitars can deliver those classic fat, warm, rich and smooth sounds that are loaded with soul, emotion and passion – My initial thoughts was that the Orca 59 possesses far more articulation – Not thin but maybe to much purity – Yet after 5 or 10 mins of getting to know the guitar, coupled with a few tweaks on my demo amp, along with subtle but effective variations on the vol + tone pots, then the Orca 59 started to deliver what I expected – Yes it has some strong R9 character about it, but equally it is more articulate, especially with the volume + tone pots on 10 – You can almost leave the amp alone, then just play the guitar and adjust the volume and/or tone pots as required, to dial in different levels of expression and emotion – As such you and the guitar control the amp – On a hi-gain overdriven amp setting the guitars volume pot, now act as a ‘gain’ pot – As such you can remove some of the saturated gain  levels, were everything is close to the red line, to find a softer voice, that is still loaded with gain but far more seductive and in control – Move on to a classic rock/blues overdriven amp setting and with the guitar now set on or around 6, you’ll hear more of a cleaner chilled out voice – It is this voice that is a great place to set up your base camp – Here it still hangs on to all the guitars expressive qualities, tonal character and articulation, but now you can wind it back towards 10 as you require more of that turbo boost, with additional gain, bite and energy, as and when required – Hence the guitar is loaded with expression, just waiting for you to unlock the ‘Tone Genie’ out of the bottle – On clean amp settings it is hard not to delve into ‘Albatross’ and the land of Pete Green – Rich, smooth, articulate and succulent – It makes you want to savour each and every last note, so there is no hurry to rush matters – As an overview, the tone is very LP influenced, but somehow the Orca has more articulation about it – If the neck pick-up lives in the land of smooth, then the bridge pick-up compliments this with more of a growl, and bark, yet at all times musical

If you have not already done so, then I suggest you click here and gather a whole host of info direct from the Nik Huber web site regarding the Orca 59 and about the Huber policy, principles and mind set regarding quality – In fact the final line on the certificate of authenticity states ‘ with my signature I personally certify that I have done everything within my power to make this the best guitar possible’

Please note this is a commission sale for a very good customer of mine – As such I probably won’t be able to accept any part exchange options on this – But touch with me before hand to clarify

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