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I adore quality used guitars – Especially when they are as cool as this Gretsch G6128T Duo Jet, with a distinctive cadillac green finish  – To me, used guitars give the web site and showroom, so much more individual character –  The JT15 serial number clearly indicates a 2015 date of birth – This is further supported with a host of documents, certificate, QC card etc etc that are included in the deluxe shaped Gretsch case  – Overall this Duo Jet is clean, even if it is not worthy of an ‘as new/showroom condition’ tag – Probably some of the usual wear to the gold hardware is the biggest give away as to previous use – Whilst the gloss finish will only reveal light surface grazes, almost superficial, so barely worth a mention, but look hard and you’ll find some  – As usual the guitar has spent a short time on my work bench for a check-up/set-up – The first question was do I dare try a set of flat wound strings on it, Cliff Gallup style – Sounds great for that authentic 50’s rock n roll tone, but not versatile for pop/indie styles etc – Therefore it is now loaded with a set of 10/52’s complete with a plain 3rd – Yes I know you can fit a set of regular 10-46 gauge strings, but on such a guitar with a Bigsby trem, they can feel a touch  to slinky – Hence I believe a set of 10/52’s is the right choice for such a guitar – Try it, but if you don’t agree then I can always edit as required – This gauge allows for a low action, with no rattle, as you lay into any rock n roll licks on the bass strings

Further spec and info :- weighs 7lbs and 15oz thanks to the chambered mahogany body (arched maple top) – Rosewood fingerboard on a mahogany neck – Medium depth C profile that measures .890″ around the top nut end and only .936″ around the 12th fret  – Bound fingerboard and headstock  – 12″ fingerboard radius –  Gretsch single coil Dyna Sonic pick-ups that measure 8.66K and 7.81K  – 3 way pick-up selector switch  – master volume pot + volume neck + volume bridge + master tone pot –  B3 Bigsby trem that is loaded with the Gretsch logo  – Usual unique Gretsch features that includes hump inlays, Synchro-Sonic bridge assembly on an ebony base , gold plexi pickguard with Gretsch logo, knurled knobs with G logo and a set of knurled strap locks – Grover Sta-Tite open back

Tonal Character – Nothing looks, feels, plays and sounds like a Gretsch, but are they the most versatile guitar in the world – Maybe not – But if you want a Gretsch then only a Gretsch will do – For authentic 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, country, jangly pop, Indie or Brit Pop then a Duo Jet is an excellent guitar – Even try a touch of Jazz on it, as it will certainly support you with a chilled out mellow voice when required  – The single coil neck pick up has  a big open voice – No shortage of clarity, as you’d probably expect, but big clear tight lows and transparent mids are clearly audible – Warm, rich and lush yet always clear – More bright, attack and a hint of attitude from the bridge pick-up – Hard to fully describe what is going on regarding the voice of the bridge pick-up, as it isn’t that of a Tele, SG or LP, that utilises a single coil pick-up – More body than other single coil pick-ups might offer, yet somehow more formal and polite than a P90 – The Duo Jet is equally at home on a clean amp setting, yet only a touch of overdrive on the amp is required to make things more interesting – Less gain on the amp allows you to dial in/out the volume pot, for subtle variations of overdrive, so you can morph from cool to hot very easily – Maybe this is were I feel the Duo Jet is at its best – Beatles to Setzer – Add more gain if you wish to and whilst it will never have the depth and sustain of a Les Paul, equally it has far more articulation, so that power chords, riffs and strumming allow the chords to breathe in such away that they don’t sound muffled – No one guitar does it all, yet depending on your playing style then the Duo Jet might be all that you need – Yet as part of a collection, you feel it is so unique that it can only add a selection of  interesting voices to compliment other guitars you already own – As for looking cool, not sure many guitars can challenge it

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