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Essentially the heart of this used Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, from 1979, is good and healthy – By that I mean an original cherry sunburst finish, plus no breaks or repairs to the headstock and neck – An out an out collector, might well pass on this LP if they are looking for an all original, case queen – As such it will probably appeal more to a player, thanks to a professional re-fret, that has seriously enhanced the guitars playability – As well as a new set of ‘ Kluson Waffle back’ style tuners, along with a new tune-o-matic bridge – Otherwise all original, inc pick-ups and wiring loom – I can’t account for the guitars full history, but I know the previous owner – I probably first saw this LP around 2 years ago and when I played it I was not knocked out at all by its playability – Whilst at the time It still had an original set of frets on it, but they were a) seriously worn and b) the Gibson wide + low profile ‘rail track’ frets from that era, do not bring out the best of any such guitar, in my opinion – So recently it has been professionally re-fretted, with medium gauge frets and that has brought about a serious transformation to its playability – So much so that I wish you could have played it before hand, to understand why such work was carried out – It certainly makes it far more appealing to a player, wishing to acquire  an LP, that is now over 40 years old, possesses some history plus character, plays well and is still relatively affordable, when you look at other prices for many LP’s from the 70’s and 80’s  – So in no particular order, please read below a host of notes and evaluation for a used/1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe :-

Playability and tonal character – If you want to be fussy then some may well say that the weight is its Achilles tendon, but I can’t do anything about that – It certainly is a common feature of LP’s from the 70’s and 80’s  and I’ve certainly come across many that weigh far more than 11lbs – But its greatest asset is its playability – Nice comfortable C neck profile with just enough meat on it – But it is the professional re-fret that has brought this LP to life – You’ll experience a far better balanced action across the whole fingerboard, coupled with effortless + controlled string bending – Fitted with a new set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a slinky/sensible action that responds to a light touch – I’ve certainly played many LP’s that can’t match this LP for its playability

Ref its tonal character, maybe a listen to Thin Lizzy will tell you all you need to know – Brighter plus more crisp than an LP Standard – Hence more funky for clean to subtle overdriven rhythm work – The neck pick-up is far more soft and sweet, but always crisp – The bridge pick-up has more of a ‘Tele’ bite and attack about it – Blend the two together, when you use the vol pots accordingly – I’m not so sure that mini humbuckers are the ideal choice for a die hard metal fan, wishing to utilise shed loads of gain – But for The Who style power chords that suit indie rock bands, then such pick-ups cut through the mix more so than a moody humbucker – Does it possess that ‘All Right Now’ Kossoff sulty rock blues tone ? – Probably not, but it suits more ‘tuneful/melodic solos’ that the Indie bands favour – Plus think Mike Campbell with Tom Petty, Razor Light, Kaiser Chiefs etc etc etc – Or even LP players who want more of a crisp attack that is more Strat than moody LP – All guitars have their plus and minus factors with regards to the guitars tonal character and part of the buzz of a new guitar is finding out what it can do – So explore accordingly

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