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The large bulk of the Fender Custom Shop product range is all about the vintage retro market – Detailed replicas of the best selling models from their golden era – Yet the ‘Custom Shop’ tag also allows Fender to create new variations, of a classic model – So can I extend a warm welcome, to my showroom, to this used, Fender Custom Shop Tele Junior, from 1998, with a vintage cherry finish – Complete with a deluxe case and the appropriate certificate of authenticity, signed by John Page, from when he was the main man at the helm

A few key details are as follows :-

Playability :- As with many modern instruments, this Tele is slick to handle – Some vintage guitars can be a bit stiff, or less forgiving as you play them – This is far more easy to handle – Riffs and power chords, dig in for simplistic blues licks, or show off a few party tricks – Whichever you play, this is a guitar that is easy to play – The neck profile is more modern with a medium-slim profile – Many Custom Shop models, in particular the 50’s Black guard Teles possess a very chunky neck profile – The Tele Junior is nothing like that – More akin to a PRS wide/thin and/or even some Gibson SG’s and to a degree the modern AM Tele Deluxe – 22 medium jumbo frets and a slinky action ensure you can burn off a few flashy licks as required, or indeed dig in and milk every ounce of should from those big pentatonic bends

Tonal character :- I’m a P90 soapbar fan – On twin pick-up models like the Tele Junior, then I like the Jekyll and Hyde character that they offer – The neck pick-up can be so warm and succulent – Single coil clarity, but with far more body to the tonal character – It can be so  lush, that both blues players and laid back jazz players enjoy the tone that such pick-ups offer – On clean amp settings, the bridge pick-up can offer the hot country pickin’ attack of a good Tele – But as you add some gain, then it becomes raw, punky, aggressive, plus somewhat of a shin kicker – Yet the beast can be tamed with a slight tweak on the volume pot – Jerry Finn (producer for Blink 182, Sum 41 amongst others) was a fan of this guitar, especially for de-tuned work with high gain amp settings – The custom wound Seymour Duncan pick-ups are on the hot side and initial thoughts are that it might not be the guitar for a traditional blues based player – I found that playing around with the gain settings on the amp, along with tweaks on the  Tele’s volume pot that I could acquire some very traditional 50′ s flavoured blues tones – Aka Muddy Waters etc – Like a good Gibson SG Special, I don’t think it is a one trick pony – Granted it won’t do everything, but it is a versatile instrument – Depending on your playing style, then you might well find it is the only guitar you’ll use/need – For others, then it will certainly offer something different as part of a collection

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