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click hereclick here The Swiss army knife within the PRS range is how some players refer to the PRS 513 – It has the ability to morph from a rich clean Strat voice, to the overdriven Texas Blues Strat voice of Stevie Ray, to the melodic classic rock voice of Santana, then all the way to the hi-gain virtuoso rock voice of Van Halen – One guitar might not do it all, but the 513 offers a large selection of quality voices, thanks to its unique pick-up and switching system – Hence the Swiss army knife phrase  – The figured maple 10 top is loaded with character and looks very seductive with a gloss grey black finish –  The deluxe PRS case and tags are all included  – One piece mahogany body – One piece mahogany neck with a 25 1/4″ scale length and a pattern regular neck profile – measures .857″ around the top nut end, then gently fattens out as you move towards the 12th fret to .922″ – The 22 fret rosewood fingerboard is impeccably embellished with a set of bird inlays – The headstock  facia features a ‘513’ engraved truss rod cover as well as the PRS signature logo – Nickel hardware throughout, including a set of PRS Mk3 locking tuners plus the PRS patented modern fulcrum tremelo system, incorporating a set of 6 machined brass bridge saddles – This PRS 513 10 top weighs 8lbs and 5oz – The easy to use integrated electronics package delivers 13 modern + vintage tones via the 5 proprietary pickups – The 5 way switch is a regular pick-up selector, whilst the 3 way ‘mode’ switch allows you to select between single coil, clear /vintage humbucking and modern heavy humbucking modes – More on the playing and tonal performance below but for now click here and click here to check out a few youtube video clips of the 513 and/or click here to read a Dave Burrluck review courtesy of Guitarist Magazine

Maybe hard to equate that this PRS 513 has never previously been sold – Despite it having a 2015 serial number – Some may recall that for many years Guitars 4You was a major stockist for new PRS Guitars – For a variety of reasons I decided to withdraw my dealership around 4/5 years ago, but still have a very good relationship with the UK team – Every so often, following a stock check and/or spring clean, the UK team come across a few new models that have sat in one of the European/world warehouses – I get the chance to pick up the odd suitable model from time to time – Some are ex-display, used for various trade or public shows – Some are ex magazine review models – Some are just new but even after a final factor QC check a finish blemish might have been discovered – Either way I acquire a few tasty pieces from time to time at a more preferential price – As I mentioned a few sentences ago this 513 has never previously been sold – But on close examination you’ll come across a couple of light compression marks to the gloss finish – I found one very minor blemish on the figured maple top, but this is subtle, to say the least – Look on the rear of the body and you’ll see a couple of grazes/compression scuff marks – Nothing nasty whatsoever – As with all guitars that enter Guitars4You, it spends sometime on my work bench for a check-up/set-up and a new set of 10-46 gauge strings

513 Performance characteristics

This 513 is spec’d with the Pattern Regular neck profile – Effectively that means a tad less fingerboard width at the top nut, when compared to many Gibson models and indeed the PRS Pattern and Pattern Thin neck profiles – Such models are generally around 1 11/16″ nut width, the Pattern Regular is something like 1/16″ less wide – So marginal, yet noticeable when you wrap your left hand around the neck – Yet it still retains the depth/girth of the popular pattern profile – Effectively you can say it has a touch more depth/meat to it than many Strat profiles, yet a tad slimmer than many Gibson LP models – With a Fender-esq style 25 1/4″ scale length and factory set-up with a set of 10’s, the 513 has a  slightly stiffer ‘Strat’ feel about it, when compared to other PRS models, yet the action is still just as fluid and easy going throughout the length of the fingerboard – String bending and controlled vibrato are effortless, due in part to the 10″ fingerboard radius + medium jumbo frets, so no choking when ripping into some of those big blues bends – The combination of the PRS tremelo system and locking tuners ensures trouble free tuning for all but excessive use of the trem arm – The tremelo itself has a nice, smooth, positive feel about it for both up and down movement

The guitar is worth its selling price alone, just via the vast tonal options that are possible from a 513 – The single coil tones that are  available from the 513 are amazingly Strat-like, more akin to the warmer and darker tones found on a rosewood fingerboard 60’s Strat, with crystal clear sparkling highs – Are they exact DNA replicas of a Fender Strat tone? – Probably not, just different and I mean different in a good sense as there is not a definitive Strat tone anyway, as different periods have a slightly different flavour, but think Stevie Ray Vaughan and/or Dave Gilmour and your getting pretty close – Move the 3 way ‘mode’ switch to the middle position, then the 2 sets of single coil pick-ups that are perched next to the neck and bridge become 2 different vintage based humbuckers – The tone perhaps leans more towards the vibe of a semi acoustic 335 style in that they have more clarity and less moody mids than is found on a Les Paul – Rich and warm in the neck position with a tad more bite and sustain in the bridge position with excellent articulation – Even playing chords around  the 12 fret area, you’ll experience great string separation with a piano like chime – Remember that even with the ‘mode’ switch set in position 2 or 3 to deliver humbucking tones, by changing the 5 way pick-up selector switch you can still obtain the classic ‘out of phase’ tones when used in conjunction with the middle single coil  pick-up – Finally when you move the 3 way ‘mode’ switch to position 3, the two humbuckers now become hotter with more windings – This is the screaming modern humbucking option, often preferred by contemporary or modern guitarist – Whilst you can use this tone on clean amp settings, it can sound a touch hard, yet add the overdrive on your amp or pedal and screaming lead tones, full of rich harmonics become apparent – This is not a jack of all trades, master of none, it is a very flexible professional tool which should give any guitarists years of pleasure – On either of the tonal positions that you select on the mode switch, you’ll find the volume and tone pots very effective and linear, in that if you back off on the volume pot the tone will stay nice and clear and not go all mushy on you – This is very useful on overdriven amp settings, giving you different levels of expression  as it allows an overdriven amp setting to clean up – All controlled via you and the guitar – Endless options, limited only by your imagination

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