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For many potential buyers of a mid/late 70’s Fender Tele, the following questions always appear to be at the top of any list – How heavy does it weigh ?  – What is the body/neck join like, specifically is it a big gap ? – How does it feel/play ? – Is it all original ? – With that in mind I can report that it is good news on all accounts – So please read below all my appropriate notes, when I carried out the evaluation of this used, USA, Fender 1978 Tele, with a natural gloss finish on an ash body

Date :-  Many of us tend to accept the serial number as the date of any Fender Guitar – And with that in mind the S8 number certainly indicates 1978 – Yet the volume pot date clearly indicates 1979 – Note correct original pot – I can’t read the date on the tone pot due to the usual factory solder blob/join – This is a common  ‘discrepancy’ on Fender Guitars, be it 50’s, 60’s or 70’s – Partly due to the fact that different parts of the guitars are built, then dated/numbered accordingly, before being placed on the appropriate storage shelf, before parts are collected ready for assembly – Add to that, that it is totally viable that a neck, with a late 78 serial number, would be placed on a guitar, with 79 pot dates and assembled early 79 – So if we are being correct, then it should be treated as a 79 Tele, as obviously you won’t find 79 pots on a 78 built/assembled guitar – But that goes against the grain when many treat the serial number as correct – So you decide

Condition :-  For a guitar that is now well over 40 years old, the condition is very good – It certainly has not had a hard life and/or has been well cared for – Around the 6th fret area, on the maple neck, there was a  blemish, that has now being touched up – So whilst the scar is still visible, more importantly, you can’t feel any ding – So nice and smooth – Look on the rear of the ash body and any  compression ‘buckle’ marks are on the slight side of life – Nothing that has pierced the finish – Nothing nasty whatsoever, so far more subtle – Couple of subtle nicks on the rim of the body – But overall a clean ‘old guitar’  with no significant nicks, grazes, blemishes

Playability :- The frets are clean and original – I’ve re-strung this Tele with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set it up with a sensible action, that is neither shred metal low, or tough to play – The neck feels comfortable with enough meat on it to stop it feeling skinny – Yet certainly it can’t be classed as chunky

To conclude, compare this to many other mid/late 70’s Teles and you instantly realise it has a lot going for it – condition, weight, originality, playability – Plus of course it has some mojo’ that is part and parcel of a 40 year old guitar – The fact that it still has the original late 70’s moulded case is a bonus – Such cases can now fetch a few bob, if listed for sale on various sites – It would have been so easy for me to split this from the package, whilst trying to make an extra couple of quid – Then include a gig bag or indeed any non-descript case – But I feel it is better to preserve the whole ‘integrity’ of the package and keep the case + guitar together

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