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Compared to the long history of Fender, Gretsch, Rickenbacker and Gibson, then Duesenberg are certainly amongst the new kids on the block – Yet within a short space of time they have established a growing reputation, with the likes of John Mayer, Joe Walsh, Mike Campbell, Bob Dylan, plus Johnny Depp, amongst the list of well known players, who can be seen playing a Doozie – Without ever making an actual copy, Duesenberg have certainly taken some influences from the likes of Gretsch and Rickenbacker – Yet maybe a touch misleading, the name ‘Fullerton’ might imply some influence from the Fender camp, yet this could not be further from the truth – The Duesenberg Fullerton Hollowbody, is an old fashioned design, that has borrowed some influences from the likes of a Gibson ES330 and Epiphone Casino, with its full hollow bodied nature  – Yet, in my opinion it has certainly been influenced by its German cousin’s from the early 60’s, the Hofner Verithin  – Today I can offer for sale an exceptionally clean used example from 2012 – Whilst I can’t say it is in that new, mint, showroom condition, it is very very clean – It certainly does not look 10 years old – Any hint of a minor graze, or scuff mark, to the top surface of the gloss finish is very subtle – Priced at £1690 and that includes a deluxe Duesenberg case, along with various tags, manual + polishing cloth

I’ve listed below a host of product info for this used, 2012, Duesenberg Fullerton Hollowbody :

Whilst there is no shortage of mojo and nostalgia when you look at the early 60’s Hofner Verithin Guitars, yet the are certainly not easy to play – Maybe fine for more simplistic licks and open chords, but that is about it – In some ways it would be like comparing an original early 60’s Mini to the current crop of Mini’s with regards to the whole driving experience and performance levels – The Duesenberg Fullerton Hollowbody is so easy to play, throughout the length of the fingerboard – No one guitar does it all, so I’m sure no one expects it to handle Satriani style speed licks like a pointy head stock/Floyd Rose based guitar – Depending on your requirements and playing style then is Doozie might be the only guitar you need – For others, it will enhance any collection and bring something fresh and different to the table – For those 50’s jazz, swing, rock’n’roll, rockabilly style then the Fullerton is on home turf – Equally for those simple Chess label style blues riffs and indeed those of Gary Clark  Junior, then you’ll enjoy the whole experience that such a guitar offers – Equally for the more simple pop styles of The Beatles, The Monkees, Crowded House, Squeeze, REM etc., where the emphasis is on catchy licks and less elaborate speed licks ‘n’ tricks, then again the Fullerton will be happy holding its own – It retains the ‘woody’ nature that you’d expect from such a guitar, but the custom wound Domino pick ups offer a touch more muscle in the mid range area – The neck pick-up is lush, chilled and smooth – Whilst the bridge pick up can kick dirt – Overall the guitar is more happy and effective when you plug it into a clean sounding amp, or with more subtle gain levels on the overdrive channel – Less is more is the order of the day – No shortage of character and a guitar that might open up some new ideas for you, as it offers a different palette to many other ‘best selling + traditional’ models – I enjoyed playing around with it to see what it can offer – Duesenberg Guitars are exceptionally well built and offer an easy/modern playing experience – As such they can combine some old school ideas, with regards to design, but at heart they a modern guitar with regards to playability

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