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Valley Arts and Schecter were two early pioneers of the Supa Strat – As time moved on, the likes of Suhr, Tyler and Tom Anderson picked up the baton and continued with the boutique vibe, whilst they earned a reputation for perfection – Let’s not forget that Tom Anderson spent a few years with the original Schecter Guitar Company in California – So he was there at the beginning and over 40 years later is still leading the way with a small boutique workshop in sunny California – Over the years I have sold many new and used Anderson Guitars and admit to having a soft spot for such fine guitars – So I’m more than happy to be able to offer for sale this used, Tom Anderson Classic S, with a classic burst finish (called desert sunset) with a 2002 serial number – The serial number is  11-18-02A, so click here , add the serial number, as required, to acquire a few details via the Anderson web site

In no particular order, I’ve listed a host of details below :- 

The Tone Department :- As you’d probably expect, the tonal character is Strat orientated with crystal clear clarity and sparkling highs – The neck/middle pick-ups are custom wound with a vintage output to deliver lush/warm tones – The VA2 is wound to be far hotter – Still Strat flavoured in tone, but with a touch more ‘welly’ to it – Many Strat players crave for more body/guts from the bridge pick-up, so such a set up will be good news for some – I think there is something about ‘modern Strats’ that ensure the tone is less SRV and maybe more Mark Knopfler, Michael Landau, even Hank Marvin – Rich and clean with incredible clarity – Add overdrive as required, then control the finer detail with the guitars volume pot – I find that when you roll it back towards 6 or 7, you’ll experience a ‘chilled out’ voice that is ideal as your base camp – Then wind it back towards 10 as you require more of a boost – The Classic S works more than fine for old school Hank Marvin style melodic tunes, but it excels for those intricate Larry Carlton/Steely Dan styles of jazz, blues and fusion, or indeed the lush styles of Bill Frisell

The Tom Anderson Playing Experience :-  The maple neck was spec’d with a 1 5/8″ nut width, along with a ’62’ round back neck profile – In short, a neck that feels like that of a good old vintage Strat, with just enough depth to it – The satin finish on the neck ensures you experience the feel of a played in guitar from day one – Now add 22 jumbo frets, along with a fingerboard radius that starts of at 12″ around the top nut end, then morphs to 14″ after the 12th fret – As such it is a neck that feels old school in the palm of your left hand, yet with a fingerboard that allows for a far more ‘user friendly’ playing experience, with an easy action that responds to a light touch – So nothing to impede your playing as you show of a few chosen cascading licks ‘n’ tricks  – Re-strung with a set of 10’s  – Remember that Anderson Guitars utilise the Buzz Feiten nut, hence a tuning system, that just sounds far more accurate and in-tune – Try out a few cool jazz chords and melodic phrases and even when played further up the fingerboard, everything sounds so in-tune

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