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To a large degree, any Fender Custom Shop 1960 Relic Strat, with an aged sunburst finish, will look pretty much the same – Yet the finer detail regarding neck profile, fingerboard radius, choice of pick-ups, fret size will differ in many different ways – It is the Custom Shop nature of such guitars that these options are available, so guitar players can ‘pimp’ up and modernise an old design as required – Yet this used example, from 2000, is just about 100% old school from tip to toe – Whilst the original factory thinskin nitro sunburst finish was aged, 20 odd years of regular use has further enhanced this aged character, so no shortage of played in mojo – I’ll touch on all the appropriate details below, but this is a fairly early example with a R + 4 digit serial number – Complete with the correct brown tolex vintage style case, appropriate certificate, trem ‘ash tray’ cover and a Fender black leather 50’s style strap – back then they were never shipped with any ‘traveller spec sheet’ but I have managed to obtain a copy of the factory spec and this is now included within the package

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As you’d probably suspect the tonal character is pure vintage – Yet a ‘modern tweak’ to the vintage character comes courtesy of the Lindy Fralin bridge pick-up – As many Strat based players will know, the bridge pick-up can sometimes be lacking guts/body, certainly compared to a good 50’s black guard Tele pick-up – Many players have taken up a similar option by picking a slightly hotter vintage example with a ‘Tele’ style brass base plate – This instantly delivers more body/welly – Hit some big open chords, power chords, riffs and you’ll instantly notice the difference – It is tight, with bite, body and attack – Not thin and not spikey – It still delivers a well balanced selection of classic voices as you move through the 5 way switch from bridge to neck – Including 2 excellent ‘out of phase’ tones – Plug this Strat into your favourite amp and play around with the pots, to see what emotion and expression is hidden within this Strat – The quality and taper of the pots allows the volume control to fully function as an expression control, especially on subtle, crunch, or hi-gain overdriven amp settings, so dial in clean to dirt, or chilled to hot, as required – Sure you can leave the pots on 10 at all times – But such an approach does not show the guitars full potential

On clean amp settings, all 5 switch settings sound funky, for those Chic style rhythm chops – So much so that it is hard to decide which settings sounds the best, as all are more than useful – Play around with clean or overdriven amp settings, then roll off the Strat’s volume pot to around 6 or 7 and you’ll now find this is an ideal place to set up base camp – Then morph between 6-10 as required, with 10 delivering you a ‘turbo boost’ as required – As such you’ll find this Strat is loaded with soul, emotion and expression – Add even more gain on the amp and the Strat’s volume pot effectively acts as the gain pot, so on 10 you are on the limit, whilst around 6,7 or 8 it sounds more smooth and in control – On classic rock/blues overdriven amp settings, the Strat’s volume pot will now clean up the gain, for that chilled out ‘cleaner’ blues voice that is enhanced with just enough gain – Sultry Dave Gilmour to hot blues and it is all there waiting for you to explore – The bridge pick-up can bite and kick shins, without entering the harsh world of ice pick attack – It sounds full and tight so great for power chords and riffs – The neck pick-up is succulent and lush, with no shortage of snap, with clear highs and rounded lows that stay crisp and clear – Don’t forget to check out those infectious ‘out of phase’ quack tones that are so musical sounding – More crisp and snap on the middle/bridge combination – More depth on the middle/neck combination – Try this Strat for the power chord classic pop/rock styles of say Bryan Adams, the blues of SRV, Mayer or Hendrix, the cleaner voice of Knopfler, Gilmour or even Hank – Either way you’ll quickly find this Strat is loaded with expression and responds to how you play it

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