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A used plus very clean PRS Custom 24, with a set of abalone bird inlays, currently resides in the Guitars4You showroom, waiting to find a potential new owner – Complete with the deluxe PRS case and appropriate tags – I know the full history of this 2007 Custom 24 – I’ve sold it twice and no both the previous owners very well  – Decked out in a lush vintage natural finish that possesses a caramel flavour – Note the maple edged binding, that is very much a PRS trade mark on many models  – Condition wise and this PRS is clean, with out being able to earn that mint/as new tag – On first viewing and after a quick glance, then you’ll notice little in the way of any blemish – Look again and you might spot a small nick on the corner of the headstock, otherwise nothing of consequence to report – Even the areas where you might expect to find any wear ‘n’ tear, around the picking area on the Top E side, or indeed any buckle rear on the rear of the body and at worse you’ll only find the merest hint of a surface graze to the top surface of the gloss finish – Even the usual tarnish to the nickel hardware is minimal  – Any subtle wear, to any of the medium jumbo frets, at this stage is not an issue whatsoever – At this rate it will be another 14 years or so before any fret dress work will be required – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10’s, so a slick playing action awaits any potential buyer

The one piece mahogany body is selected for its tonal character, its vibrant acoustic properties, as well as weight, so many will be glad it comes in at only 8lbs and 2oz   – The neck has the popular standard/regular profile, whilst the 24 fret dark rosewood fingerboard is delightfully embellished with a set of abalone bird inlays – Neck measures .858″ at the top nut end and gently fattens out to .963″ at the 12th fret – Fitted with nickel hardware, including a set of PRS 14:1 low mass locking tuners, along with the PRS patented modern fulcrum tremelo system, complete with 6 individual machined brass bridge saddles, as well as a separate brass tremelo block – A pair of PRS humbuckers sit at the heart of the tone department, with a Vintage Bass in the neck position, that measures 8.02K – Whilst the HFS (Hot! Fat! and Screams!) in the bridge position, measures 14.69K  – Both are controlled via the 5 way selector switch, to deliver a selection of humbucker tones plus some useful single coil flavoured tones – More on the playing and tonal performance is listed below

Playability :- Great pride is taken into the build quality of any PRS guitar, to deliver the ultimate playing experience – The finest ingredients, coupled with an impeccable attention detail are just part of the PRS story  – This Custom 24 is fitted with the standard/regular neck profile, to allow for a fast and fluid playing action, throughout the length of the rosewood fingerboard, coupled with effortless string bending, thanks to 24 impeccably fitted, correctly profiled and polished medium jumbo frets –  The  standard/regular profile will feel very much home turf for many Fender orientated players – It has a slightly narrower width at the top nut, more akin to the 1 5/8″ of a Strat, with a comfortable amount of girth to the depth of the C neck profile  – Some guitar necks can be a challenge to play, but on a PRS you’ll find that even the more intricate passages of play from your favourite licks simply flow from your fingertips – If you are into using a tremelo system, the PRS package offers great tuning stability for all but the most excessive of playing styles – The trem feels positive and smooth, with no ‘wobbly slack’ about it – Set-up to allow for both up and down pitch movement

Tonal character :- In conjunction with the right amp, the Custom 24 has the ability to provide the full, smooth, warm and rich clean tones, from the PRS Vintage Bass neck humbucker, that are required for the cool side of jazz, blues, or fusion playing styles – Or check out the clean tones required for many funky rhythm styles – The PRS HFS humbucker is custom wound, with more output, to deliver a tight punchy crunch for power chords and riffs, or to cut through and sing for scorching licks and solos – Click on to subtle overdriven amp settings for those classic rock tones, or dial in some hi-gain filth from your amp for the tones adored by the modern contemporary guitarist, as this is the territory where the HFS humbucker comes into its own – HFS means Hot! Fat! and Screams! all delivered with great articulation – Due to the quality and taper of both the volume and tone pots on a PRS Custom 24, you’ll find out that these controls do actually work smoothly and effectively across the 10 to 1 spectrum, allowing you to control the volume, gain or tonal expression that you may require from your amp, direct from the guitar – As you back off on the volume pot, you’ll notice that the tone does not go mushy, instead it retains good articulation, which on sensible overdriven settings allows the amp to clean up quite nicely, allowing you total control over the emotion required – The versatility of the guitar, via a 5 way selector switch, is to provide a mix of humbucking voices, along side some useful funky single coil flavoured settings, which are more than useful for those Chic style disco chops

You can own a number of different guitars, each capable of doing a specific job, yet the Custom 24, as one instrument alone, is maybe all that you require – It is not meant to be a ‘tone clone’ of either a Les Paul or a Strat, rather just a great playing instrument with good tonal options and just as original in its own right – The tonal expression possible from a PRS is down to you, the amp you chose to put it through and how you wish to play – A good instrument will enrich your playing style, not hinder it, allowing you to explore new avenues, with an increased tonal palate and that is what a PRS guitar can offer – Some companies spend all there time promoting and delivering vintage copies of guitar they made 20, 30 years ago, PRS just move and improve the boundaries, delivering a new classic instrument

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