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If the Custom 24 represents the ever present stalwart of the PRS Guitar range, then the Custom 22 is certainly the best supporting actor – Between the two of them, the Custom models have captured the  lions share of total PRS Guitar sales, over the last 30 years or so – Whilst they possess many similar features, the Custom 22 is designed to offer a subtle, yet effective, different tonal character that will often appeal more to the traditional player amongst us – An impeccable attention to detail and design, coupled with a first class build quality, has helped to deliver the ultimate PRS playing experience – Maybe no one guitar is the be all and end all that can do everything, so whilst the Custom 22 is certainly not a jack of all trades, it can do hell of a lot, especially with regards to the requirements that will suit the playing styles of both traditional and contemporary players – So let me introduce you to a used, PRS Custom 22, from 2017, with a super cool and distinctive charcoal jade burst finish – The serial number confirms the date of birth as 2017 – No dangling tag, but the PRS modcat code sticker, that can be found in the pick-up cavity, confirms many key details

Various details regarding this PRS Custom 22    Cool and limited edition charcoal jade burst gloss finish on a highly figured maple top, that possesses plenty of character without looking to glitzy  A set of bird inlays fly south down a dark chocolate rosewood fingerboard that is smooth and even grained  One piece mahogany body + one piece mahogany neck with a pattern neck profile (former wide/fat profile) – measures .876″ around the top nut end and .951″ around the 12th fret  22 nickel silver medium jumbo frets  10″ fingerboard radius  25″ scale length  Phase 111 locking tuners   New + updated PRS Gen 111 patent modern fulcrum trem assembly with milled solid brass trem block and saddles (nickel plated)  PRS custom wound and voiced 85/15 humbucking pick-ups   Master volume pot with treble bleed capacitor to preserve those crisp highs as/when you  roll back the volume level  Master tone pot   5 way switch that delivers the traditional 3 humbucking options, whilst position 2 + 4 deliver spanky single coil flavoured voices  Whole guitar weighs 7lbs and 6oz  Includes deluxe PRS case

Condition wise this Custom 22 is in good condition but not that ‘as new mint condition’ – Previously owned by a pro musician, so yes it has done some work, but not abused – Frets are clean so no issues there – But tour the gloss finish and you’ll find a few slight nicks to the top surface of the gloss finish  – More subtle than nasty and ditto regarding any slight compression ‘buckle’ marks to the rear of the body – Yes there are a couple of slight nicks, but nothing nasty, so it would barely make grade 2 or 3 on the Fender Custom Shop relic scale, were grade 10 is wrecked and grade 1 is as new  – But at least you can buy it and play it without having to give it the kids glove treatment  – Re-strung with a new set of 10-46 gauge strings and set up with a fluid easy action that responds to a light touch

The legendary PRS  playing experience :- Apart from a phenomenal build quality, plus impeccable attention to detail, the key attribute of any PRS Guitar is the slick playing performance that they possess – A fluid action, coupled with effortless string bending, allows you to play with confidence and maximise your ability – If you want to live life in the fast lane, the Custom 22  allows you to handle, with ease, those slick and stylish licks that you have worked so hard to conquer – Or chill out as you lay into some smooth comp style chords supported by a few tasteful blues licks – The Pattern neck profile is ultra comfortable and possesses enough depth to give you some substance in the palm of your hand without ever feeling chunky – The two key words are slick and comfort – Furthermore such is the impeccable fret work, correctly profiled and polished to perfection, that the intonation is as good as it gets – Even complex jazz chords, played further up the fingerboard, still sound in tune

That smooth tremelo package :-   It is now generally accepted that the PRS modern fulcrum tremelo system is the best ‘non-locking’ package on the market today – It feels smooth, and positive, with a very responsive touch to it – The combination of the locking tuners, top nut and tremelo, ensure you have a trouble free tuning package, that is fine for all but excessive use – Furthermore the solid/milled brass bridge saddles and tremelo block will enhance the tone and sustain as well as provide you with plenty of rich sparkling harmonics

This 2017 Custom 22  features a pair of custom wound PRS 58/15  pick-ups, to ensure a versatile tonal package, that is loaded with soul and emotion, coupled with excellent dynamics and articulation – Previously the Custom 22 was equipped with a pair of Dragon 2 humbuckers – As an overview the 58/15 pick-ups offer more clarity and definition coupled with a warmer voice – Remember the likes of EVH utilised a vintage flavoured bridge paf pick-up, so you don’t need a hot bridge pick-up to make it sing and scream  – From warm, vintage flavoured tones that emit from the neck pick-up, to crunch rhythm, power chords, hot riffs, to scorching lead breaks, that can pour out of the bridge pick-up  the Custom 22 is at home – The volume and tone controls work effectively over the whole 1-10 range, to further enhance the soul and emotion that is available to you, whilst a treble bleed cap on the volume pot helps to preserve the highs as you trim it down from 10 – The neck pick-up sounds warm, fat and full bodied on clean or overdriven amp settings – The bridge pick-up has enough warmth and body to deliver the goods on clean/blues based amp settings, but as you add more gain on the amp/pedal, from bone crunching riffs and power chord work, to scorching lead breaks, a Custom 22 is on home turf – On overdriven amp settings, don’t forget the extra emotion and control that is available to you from the volume and tone pots – Allowing you to ‘soften up’ the tone and reduce the level of gain as required, as subtle tweaks on the volume pot delivers effective variations – 3 humbucking voices are found on position 1, 3 and 5 of the ‘Strat style’ blade switch, whilst position 2 and 4 offer two excellent single coil flavoured tones that work well for those “Knopfler’ style licks or indeed funky ‘Chic style’ rhythm chops – Yes the best selling Custom 22 has now just moved up another notch in all areas

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