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So what can I tell you about a new, yet ex-display, PRS CE24 Semi Hollow model, from 2019 with a burnt amber smoke burst satin finish – It might well be worth clicking here and here, to read a couple of useful reviews, courtesy of Guitar World and Dave Burrluck of Guitarist Magazine – Just a quick point on the reviews and this 2019 ex-display model that is spec’d with an ebony fingerboard – A rare feature on any PRS Guitar, so a limited run as/when supplies allow it – Some may well recall the days when Guitars4You where a major dealer for new PRS Guitars – The good news I still have a good contact there, as such, I occasionally pick up the odd new, yet ex-display or review model, with a more attractive price tag – This is the case with this CE24 Semi Hollow model – Never sold – It has a couple of subtle grazes, to the top surface of the finish on the rear and rim of the body – Certainly nothing nasty – Both are subtle but such is the PRS attention to detail that they can no longer pass the new showroom, straight out of the box condition test  – Yet a 2021 model will now attract a price tag that is around £500 more expensive than my £1949 asking price for this display model, complete with the deluxe PRS padded gig bag and relevant tag

The CE models now tend to fit in the price slot between the more expensive USA core models, with all the trimmings, highly figured maple tops and cool gloss finishes and the far more affordable S2 models – Yet key PRS qualities always remain ever present, regarding attention to detail, build quality and that awesome playing experience that ensures a slick action and a versatile tonal package – They are still a USA model and include features like the highly desirable 85/15 pick-ups, but with less elaborate trimmings

Additional comments regarding spec/features :- The whole guitar only weighs 6lbs and 13oz – Obviously helped by a semi hollow mahogany body  Maple neck with a 24 fret ebony fingerboard that is embellished with a set of bird inlays  Pattern Thin neck profile that measures .830″ around the top nut end and fattens out to .896″ around the 12th fret  Satin finish on the maple neck, so it instantly has that silky smooth ‘played in’ vibe from day one Locking tuners + a modern fulcrum tremelo package are a common feature on many PRS Guitars – It feels smooth, positive and very responsive – Plus offers great tuning stability for most playing styles  Add a pair of the highly desirable 85/15 humbuckers to sit at the heart of the tone department – Controlled via a traditional 3 way switch, master volume + tone pot – For additional versatility you’ll find the push/pull switch on the tone pot to deliver partial coil tap options – More on this below

Playing experience :- I first fell in love with a PRS Guitar after playing one – It was so slick and easy to play with a comfortable ‘user friendly’ action throughout the length of the fingerboard – Impeccable fret work also helped to deliver excellent intonation, so even complex jazz flavoured chords sound in-tune as you travel north up the fingerboard – A set of medium jumbo frets allow you to dig in and attack those big blues bends – Yet a slick action allows you to show off those cascading licks and party tricks you’ve worked hard on – A pair of custom wound PRS 85/15 pick-ups  and a traditional LP style switch will indicate this CE24 will deliver traditional humbucker tones – Yet on the tone pot you’ll find a push/pull switch option to allow you to select humbucker mode or partial coil tap mode, as required – The partial coil tap option gives you access to some very useful Strat-esq single coil tones – Do they sound exactly like a Pre-CBS 62 Strat ? – No – At the end of the day if you want that exact Strat voice, then I’m sure you’ll buy/own a Strat – The guitars main job is to deliver a set of excellent humbucker tones – Yet if you quickly need access to those funky ‘Chic’ style tones for a few rhythm chops, or even SRV style shuffle rhythm, then the partial coil tap voice is far more realistic than those traditionally found on a humbucker – Hence easy to use and a very flexible package

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