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Just arrived into stock is this original used Music Man Luke with a Luke Blue finish – Note the matching headstock finish – I say used, but upon close inspection you’ll quickly realise that this guitar is in excellent condition – Two known careful owners, so close scrutiny is required to detect any previous signs of use – Any merest hint of a blemish that you may find is certainly minimal and subtle – There is a very slight tarnish to some of the hardware, yet nothing of any concern – The serial number helps to determine a 2006 date of birth via the appropriate search on the Music Man web site – Features for such a 2006 model includes a contoured neck/heel join, the 5 bolt neck plate, the compensated top nut, as well as the deluxe moulded SKB/Music Man case – I’ve re-strung it with a set of 9’s, as per the factory set-up – I’ve tweaked the trem system for a slight touch of ‘up pitch’ again as per the factory set-up, then set it up with a fluid action that responds to a light touch, again as per a factory set-up – Of course I can adjust the set-up to suit your own requirements

Signature models :- In many circumstances, the artist does not play the ‘off the shelf’ production signature model – However Steve Lukather has stated on many interviews that his guitar is the same ‘off the shelf’ model as we have here for sale – In fact the same applies to all the Music Man Signature models and their relevant artist models – So think about it, one of the worlds finest and most in demand session guitarist, plays, gigs and records with the same guitar that you can now buy for £1569 – As such, the playing performance, tonal character and build quality should now speak for itself – Okay I can’t help you play the guitar like Steve, but at least this guitar is a step in the right direction, in that it will allow you to express yourself – After all, it is often said that the guitar should always be better than you, which allows you to develop and grow into it, so to speak

Spec includes a select alder body, which weight watchers will adore as the whole guitar comes in at only 7lbs and 5oz – Fitted with a Musicman vintage tremelo with solid steel bridge saddles plus a set of Schaller M6 locking tuners – The trem is sensative and responds to a light touch and you’ll have to be fairly aggressive with it to come across any tuning stability issues – Tone is provided by a set of EMG pickups with the Model 85 humbucker in the bridge position, along with 2 x EMG SLV custom single coil models in the neck and middle position, all controlled via the 5 way selector switch, along with a master volume and tone pot – 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, that sits on a hard rock maple neck, with a nice hint of birds eye, then finished with a blend of wax and gunstock oil, that feels ultra slick and smooth and ensures you experience that ‘played in’ from day one character – The feel of a Music Man neck is often talked about as something that is very special, comfortable and very easy to handle – It instantly feels user friendly, plus somewhat familiar to many Strat based players

Tone wise the guitar has obvious Strat flavours about it, but with increased versatility – Many will favour the noiseless element, especially on hi-gain overdriven amp settings, thanks to the EMG pick-ups – The Luke will easily gravitate from crisp, yet warm jazz and blues flavoured tones, when used with  clean amp settings, through to smooth scorching lead tones when utilised with a good overdriven amp setting – Don’t forget to try out those clean funky tones for those Chic style rhythm chops – This is a very flexible package, so whilst it is at home in a blues combo, rock power house environment, funky/soul/Motown band, or indeed a good covers band – One guitar never does it all, but the Luke can do a lot – Look at the playing styles of Luke, from Toto thru’ to his session work with many artists, and you’ll get an idea of the versatility that his signature model delivers

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