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Can I please introduce you to a used, yet very clean Fender Custom Shop 69  NOS Strat with a classic black finish – According to the supplied certificate, then this 69 replica has a 2013 date of birth – A quick tour of the gloss finish will quickly enlighten you with the fact that this Strat has been well cared for, and/or not seen much in the way of action – Any hint of a minor graze is subtle – Yet surely any such hint of a graze, that you might find, only adds to the natural ‘aged character’ of an old replica – Take into account that a gloss black finish tends to show up a graze far more easily than any other colour – A small nick can scream at you – Look on the rear of the body and at worse you might just about find a subtle graze that is barely skin deep to the gloss shiny finish – No fret wear – In short, you’d have to be very fussy to have any issues with what is overall a very clean used guitar – Complete with the 60’s style black vintage case, with the silver amp logo, along with  various tags, certificate and the appropriate shop floor traveler spec sheet – Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a sensible fluid action –  You can’t help but associate the late 60’s large headstock Strat with Jimi Hendrix – Yet other fans of the Strat, from the large headstock era, include Dave Gilmour, The Edge and Walter Trout – So if I constantly sing the praises of a 69 Strat, Jimi and Little Wing then I apologies now

Aged vibe :- I fully appreciate that not all guitar players buy into the aged vibe of a Custom Shop Strat – So how about this Strat, with a new shiny gloss nitro finish – So for all the ‘relic haters’ out there, then this fine instrument might well have your name on it

Feel and playing performance :- Spec’d with a 69 U neck profile, which takes you right back to the days of Woodstock, flower power and the summer of love – Not fat but the feel and shape is a character of that period, with just enough meat on it so that it feels comfortable – It measures .867″ at the top nut end, then tapers gently to .927″ around the 12th fret – A set of  Sanko 6105 medium jumbo size frets, along with a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, allows for a more balanced fluid playing action, coupled with easy string bending and no choking out as you rip into any blues bends – As such a set of 10’s now feels slinky and allows you to try out a few chosen party tricks and expressive legato licks, as well as explore those moody pentatonic blues bends – It is the perfect blend of the feel of a vintage guitar, coupled with the modern features that will enhance the guitars playing performance – Spec’d with a thin nitro finish

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Tonal character :- Do I really need to say how such a Strat sounds ?  Yet whilst we are all familiar with the great tones of Little Wing and The Wind Cries Mary,  many can throw back at us that it was all in his touch and feel and maybe this is the case – Yet this Strat is loaded with warmth, character, soul and expression, be it played through clean or overdriven settings on your amp – To me, then just enough gain on the amp/pedal, to add character, brings the best of out this guitar – The volume and tone pots allow you to utilise them from 1-10 as they dial in subtle yet effective levels that allow you and the guitar to control the amp – To leave this Strat on 10 seriously limits the guitars potential, so much so that  with the volume pot on or around 6 or 7, it is a great place to set up base camp – This approach allows you to then visit 10, when you have an additional statement to make, as and when you require that turbo boost, coupled with an extra amount of edge – Otherwise stay in the chilled out lounge with the vol pot wound back a touch – Hence you acquire the level of emotion found in a good singer or say a sax player – So clean, to Little Wing to classic rock n blues and this Strat is loaded with character

’69’ pick-ups :- The Strat pick-ups from this period are about the least powerful pick-ups that Fender have ever made – But power is not king here – It is about tone and expression – Modern players like John Mayer buy into this tonal character with clear rounded lows, sparkling sweet highs that are nice and smooth, plus transparent scooped mids – The overall tonal character is more angelic – Yet at all times that spanky Strat character shines through with a percussive attack and snap – With the volume pot on 10 you’ll acquire that additional bite with maybe just a hint of fizz, so simply roll the pot down to around 7/8 or 9 for a softer approach – The bridge pick up is now wired to the bottom tone pot, so on hi-gain amp settings you can take away any sharp edges as required – You decide if it you want it on the edge or take the mellow route

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