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I have a big soft spot for the Music Man HSS Silhouette Special – It is hard not to be a Strat fan – Yet as I own and play a couple of PRS Guitars on a regular basis, I’ve got so use to that slick and easy action that is a feature of such guitars  – I’m not into fighting the guitar to get something out of it – As such I struggle to get the best out of many Strats and have had this ‘argument’ for far to long – Then a few years ago came the answer to my ‘problem’ in the shape of a Silhouette Special – I’m not saying it is an out and out Strat but it is certainly Strat influenced, albeit with a modern fulcrum trem and of course the humbucker in the bridge position – I find them so easy to handle regarding the whole playing experience – This 1998 Silhouette Special  is spec’d with the 5 bolt neck plate, along with the sculptured body/neck join for comfortable and easier access to the top of the 22 fret fingerboard – Sorry that the web site pics just don’t do any justice to the cool blue pearl finish

Additional spec and info regarding this used example from 1998 with a blue pearl finish 

Tonal character :- For starters why not click here to visit the Musicman web site, then check out a video clip of the Silhouette Special in action – It is a very responsive guitar, that can easily sit in a classic pop/rock/blues gigging combo that might cover the funky disco styles of Chic, or Dire Straits to Bon Jovi, or Bryan Adams to Sweet Home Alabama – Yet equally at home in a hot country, swing or rock n roll combo – Yet virtuoso shredders along the lines of Vinnie Moore has used a similar Musicman on many occasions – The  combination of single coil pick-ups, plus a bolt on alder body/maple neck, instantly conjures up talk of a Strat voice – And yes the Silhouette delivers those crisp single coil tones, with the usual snap, attack and response that is a feature of many Strats – Shimmering highs, transparent mids and tight firm lows – Yet the addition of a bridge humbucker ensures more oooomph as required for crunch rhythm and screaming solos – The custom wound and voiced DiMarzio is hot without sounding brutal – As such it can be soft and subtle as required, yet with an overdriven amp setting it can be hot, and fat, plus screams as required – It really is a flexible package

Playing performance :- The Music Man neck is instantly a joy to feel and play – The satin played in vibe ensures it is just like playing an old best friend after only a few minutes – Very Fender-esq vibe about the feel of a medium C size profile whilst a 10″ radius and medium jumbo frets allows for a slinky easy action that responds to a light touch, so should please players who can show of a few cascading licks ‘n’ tricks – Yet medium jumbo frets allow you to dig in and easily handle a few big blues bends – Some guitars can be a challenge to play, almost like jogging with a bad cold – Yet a Music Man neck is so easy to handle – A set of locking tuners along with a modern 2 point fulcrum trem assembly ensures a nice responsive tremelo package that offers excellent tuning stability – It might not quite handle serious dive bombing (you really need F Rose style locking features for that), but it will easily handle the vibrato styles for many players – It easily responds to a light touch with a positive feel about it – Currently set-up for up and down pitch, but I can edit this as required, for down pitch only, so the base of the trem assembly rests against the body – Just update me as required – £1499 buys you a lot of performance and tonal character, coupled with excellent build quality

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