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I’ve sold many new and used Music Man Guitars over the years and have a soft spot for them – I also think there is something of a ‘best kept secret’ about them as well, in that they should be more popular than they are – It is not as though they are short of well known guitar players who have played them on a regular basis – In my opinion, they certainly sit higher up the league table than many ‘standard best selling production’ models that can be purchased with a different brand name – They might not be considered as ’boutique custom shop’ but they are a serious/professional piece of kit with an excellent build quality – When it comes to the used market, you certainly get a lot of guitar for your money, with a professional build quality and playing experience that out performs the price tag – So time to introduce you to a used Music Man Silhouette HSH, from 2006, with a cool teal pearl finish

Today, in many ways, we can split the Strat market into two halves – The pure vintage based models that are essentially DNA replicas of guitars from Fender’s own golden era – Then we have the ‘modern’ influenced models from the like of Suhr, Anderson, Charvel/Jackson, Ibanez and many others, who have pursued this market for many years – Indeed Fender offer their own take on ‘modern’ based Strats – And we can add the Music Man Silhouette HSH to that list – It doesn’t not need to have an exact Strat body and headstock to be influenced by such classic models – Indeed any guitar with a bolt-on maple neck, an alder, ash or indeed a basswood body, with a 25.5″ scale length, will have a strong Fender-esq character about how it feels, plays, sounds and performs – Why not click here and have a look at the Music Man Silhouette HSH web site page, to view additional spec and check out the video clip of the guitar in action

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Tonal character :- Spec’d with a set of custom wound and voiced Dimarzio pick-ups with the HSH format – Pick-ups measure 7.18K neck, 5.92K middle and 7.70K bridge – So more of a vintage output as against screamin’ demon models – The 5 way blade switch functions Strat style, so positions 1 and 5 are each humbucker pick-up on its own, whilst 3 (middle) is both humbuckers on together  – Position 2 + 4 are the ‘out of phase’ options with the humbuckers now on coil tap mode, to function with the single coil middle pick-up to deliver those funky ‘out of phase’ tones – The physical make up of the guitar ensures that its unplugged character is that of a Fender – Lively and crisp – And a lot of this transfers into the sound you’ll hear through the amp, with no shortage of the snap and attack that you’ll hear from a good  Strat – Very dynamic and responsive – When you put a humbucker on a Strat it doesn’t all of a sudden sound like a Les Paul – It retains the Strat character, yet offers a bigger version of that lively voice with far more girth about the overall tone – This is what you’ll hear from the Silhouette  – Great for country, or country rock – Great in a good all round covers band – Great for those kind of good pop, rock, country bands – Think Bryan Adams, Keith Urban, The Eagles etc – So clean to crunch rock or classic rock and it is on home turf – Yet equally apply more gain on the amp and delve into those Satriani virtuoso style licks and you can see why the likes of Vinnie Moore was a fan of such guitars – On overdriven amp settings the humbuckers add more girth, with a bigger voice, for either power chords and riffs, or screamin’ licks – The bridge humbucker has that tight bite and guts that you’ll hear from a good black guard early 50’s Tele – Whilst the neck pick-up purrrrrs yet is still crisp, funky and clear  – Maybe no one guitar does it all, yet the Silhouette can do one hell of a lot – Maybe the influence of a fixed bridge, but the Silhouette offers a voice that sits somewhat between that of a Strat and Tele, yet somehow blends that with many Ibanez RG models that also use the HSH pick up combination – Hence the clarity and crisp lively snap of a Strat, with more girth – Yet it has the balls and grit of Tele bridge pick-up that is nice and tight when you bash out those ‘Keef’ style driving rhythm chords/riffs – Yet the smooth lush vibe of a Tele neck pick-up is possible with a cleaner amp setting – Overall a very versatile package

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