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With a highly figured maple 10 top, a set of exotic abalone bird inlays, along with a classic dark cherry sunburst gloss finish, ensures this used PRS Custom 22 looks mighty appetizing – A 2003 model that is now getting close to its 20th birthday – Yet the condition does not reflect its age – Granted it is not in that ‘as new’ or ‘mint showroom condition’ but it is very clean – Any graze or nick is subtle at worse – Clean set of frets – So either it has been well cared for and/or not played a great deal – The price includes the deluxe PRS hard shell case – Sometime in the past it has lost its eagle swing tag – But any clarification you require can be found on the modcat code, which you’ll find in the bridge pick-up cavity – See web site pic – CUM2FTHFIBT – This info confirms the serial number as well as details like neck profile and pick-up details – Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a slick ‘n’ easy action

Classic styling thanks to the dark cherry sunburst finish, whilst  a set of abalone bird inlays, that possess the exotic colours of a paradise island   – One piece select mahogany body, is par for the course on a Custom 22, which in turn is topped of with a highly figured maple 10 top that is loaded with character – Kind of a quilt and curl at the same time – The whole guitar weighs a very comfortable 8lbs and 7oz  – Note the natural maple edged body binding – A true PRS trademark  – Whilst the build quality and tonal variation of a PRS is from the top draw, to me a large part of the magic of a PRS Guitar is the neck – So easy to play with a fluid playing action and effortless string bending – It just about makes a set of 9’s redundant, as a set of 10’s still feel slinky, so with a well balanced action, along all 22 frets, this a very easy guitar to handle – One piece mahogany neck with a wide/fat profile and an Indian rosewood fingerboard – Measures .878″ around the top nut end and .976″ around the 12th fret – The neck possesses a very comfortable amount of girth, but it ain’t chunk or fat – As it happens the difference between a wide/fat and wide/thin profile is 1/16″ extra depth – Wow – Big deal – The neck has somewhat of a comfortable LP flavour and profile to it that is eminently playable, with easy access to the higher frets – Such is the accuracy of the fret work, that chords still  sound in tune further up the fingerboard – Locking tuners, plus a modern fulcrum trem assembly, with machined brass saddles and trem block, ensures a trem system that is smooth and responsive, plus ensures trouble free tuning stability for most styles

The PRS Dragon 11 humbuckers capture and deliver fat humbucking tones that are LP flavoured – Neck measures 7.68K and the bridge pick-up comes in a touch hotter at 12.56K – 5 way switching, master volume, plus a master tone pot – The 5 way switch effectively delivers 3 fat humbucking tones, plus 2 single coil funky flavoured tones  – Granted, the coil tap options don’t produce the tone of a  true vintage Strat, but nevertheless they are useful for those funky Chic style chops – As such they deliver some additional tonal variation on top of the regular humbucking voices – The Dragon 11 humbuckers have excellent articulation, so they won’t sound mushy with hi-gain amp settings, especially when playing fancy licks or shred chords – Yet played on a clean amp setting, lush jazz/blues flavoured tones are easily achieved, which ensures a Custom 22 is anything but a one trick pony – The volume and tone pot have an excellent taper on them, so you can fully use them across the whole 1-10 range – Subtle tweaks on the volume pot provides effective variations  – As such this allows you and the guitar to control the amp, to supply you with more soul, expression and emotion – Whilst the LP, SG and 335 are vintage classics, the Custom 22 is without doubt a modern classic, with vintage qualities

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