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I know the full history of this used Fender Jason Smith Masterbuilt 1960 Heavy Relic Strat, from 2015 – Going back around 10 years ago, I spec’d it and ordered it – It eventually arrived into stock a couple of years later and I sold it shortly after listing it for sale on my web site – Today I can once again offer it for sale, albeit as a fine used example – Order a new Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strat today and you’ll be waiting in excess of 2 years for the guitar to be delivered, coupled with a hefty price tag – Second hand examples are not exactly common place either, be it via a dealer or the various used sites – It has spent time on my bench for a check-up, set-up, plus a new set of 10’s, so it is all ready to go – I have re-listed all my original web site notes below, as they are all still valid and correct

When you custom order a Masterbuilt Fender 1960 Strat, with a heavy relic sunburst finish, you can’t ignore the influence of SRV’s #1  Strat – But my intention was not to build a DNA replica of that famous Strat, yet I wished to capture some of that seriously aged character – Additional requirements included a set of hand wound 60’s pick-ups – Spec’d with a full 6mm slab rosewood fingerboard, medium jumbo frets, plus a 9.5″ fingerboard radius – So yes, in conjunction with Jason Smith, I spec’d a seriously aged 60’s Strat, that is a tone monster, with shed loads of soul, emotion, expression and dynamics

Full spec and details are as follows :- 

Playing performance:-  The feel of the maple neck is pure vintage – Spec’d with the classic 60’s Oval C neck profile, with a thin nitro aged finish, that has been fully cut back to leave you with that ‘dirty/worn’ vibe,  that feels so natural with a ‘played in’ from day one character- For a slick playing performance it is spec’d with a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, along with a set of medium jumbo frets – As such a fluid playing action awaits any prospective buyer – Effortless string bending and no choking out – A set of 10’s now feel so much more slinky – If you want a Strat that allows you to play in the fast lane, or drop into moody minor blues lick mode, with loads of emotion, soul and passion, then this is an ideal combination as it blends the vintage feel from the neck and a modern slick playing performance from the fingerboard, courtesy of those chunkier frets – The neck starts of with that ‘melt in your hand’ C profile that measures .791″ deep at the top nut end, then fattens out to a  .932″ depth at the 12th fret – Some will say pure vintage magic

Big fat tone :- Play this Strat unplugged and you’ll instantly hear a lively and vibrant acoustic tone – You can even feel it vibrate against your rib cage – Still set-up, as per Jason Smith, with the trem assembly flat to the belly of the guitar to add additional ‘resonance’ – Of course I can adjust the set-up to suit as required – The unplugged evaluation is a good place to start any test drive – I always stick by my tag line ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ring’ – Now plug it in and play it for a few minutes through clean, blues overdriven or hi-gain amp settings – At this stage, make sure you try out the Strats volume and tone pots and in doing so it won’t take you long to realise this Strat is loaded with soul, expression and emotion – Subtle variations on the pots produce effective changes to the tonal character – Tone is big, fat, smooth and musical with excellent snap, attack and dynamics – Caress the strings for a smoother voice, or dig in and attack for more bite and snap – You are in total control of the guitars emotions – Like a singer or a sax player, you can make it purr, growl or bite – I found this Strat delivered its true colours on more of a blues/subtle overdriven amp settings, as it allows you to hear the guitars true colours – With the Strat’s volume pot set on 6, then the overdriven amp setting is now almost clean and chilled out, yet you still retain the guitars full tonal character – This is  a great place to set-up base camp – When you then require some additional bite, snap and overdrive, simply wind the volume pot back towards 10 for that ‘turbo boost’ – Hence you and the guitar control the amp – If you require further gain, either select the hi-gain overdriven amp setting, or bring your favourite overdrive pedal into the mix – At all times the guitars tonal character is true, fat, warm, musical and captures all the magical vintage attributes that many of us crave for – It possesses depth, warmth, snap, clarity, presence and body with tight lows, shimmering highs and just enough mid range  – This Strat has a touch more ‘muscle’ in the mid range – Some Strats can be to thin, but this Jason Smith model packs a touch more in the mid range to help drive the amp, so very much in that SRV and Rory Gallagher mode

The 2 out of phase quack tones are certainly infectious – More crisp from the middle/bridge combination, with more depth from the middle/neck combination, yet both so warm and full bodied – The bridge pick up possesses bite and body, but not with that sharp, shrill like, ice pick character that you hear on so many other Strats – On overdriven amp settings with the guitar volume pot on 10 if it just starts to sound like it is on the edge, so simply roll the volume pot off a touch for a more controlled voice – Remember the bottom tone pot is wired to operate on both the middle + bridge pick-ups, so trim as required – The neck pick-up instantly takes you in the direction of SRV Texas Blues, walking bass lines, chordal rhythm and smooth licks – You’ll never get bored of finding out what it can do  – I read an interview sometime ago with Santana, where he talked about you and the guitar trying to capture the emotional qualities of a good singer – Hence  one minute you want it melodic and smooth, yet quickly and easily you might wish to approach a roar and gravel character, where it sounds like it is on its limit – This Strat captures and delivers such expression and emotion

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