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They say a picture paints a thousand words – If that is the case, certainly regarding the guitars aesthetic appeal, then there is little else I can add, to the web site pictures that I have posted of this PRS Modern Eagle V – Yet feel, tonal character, playability also come into play – Granted such qualities are personal and very hard to portray using a few chosen adjectives – But to my hands and ears, then little comes closing to matching the performance attributes of a Modern Eagle – I’ve owned a Modern Eagle now for around 15 years and am totally smitten by the playability, coupled with a guitar that is loaded with so much soul, expression and emotion

So let me update you with a host of info regarding this used PRS Modern Eagle V, released as part of a limited edition, in river blue, from the 2020 Experience Event : –

Playability/tonal character – I can keep this very simple – In my opinion this Modern Eagle feels so slick and easy to play – Set-up with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and an action that responds to a light touch – As such very ‘user friendly’ – Tonal character – See above my link to the PRS YouTube video clip which explains the simple and easy to use package – As an overview I’d say the overall tonal character is more pure and polished than raw – Maybe more Steely Dan and Larry Carlton and less Billy Gibbons – More noticeable on clean or subtle gain amp settings – Humbuckers are full, rich clear and smooth – Single coils are crisp  – Note that I mean pure in a positive manner with incredible transparency and not in a sterile way – Yet this clarity is so useful as you add more gain to the amp as it adds so much definition, so flash licks sound crisp and you have immense single note separation when playing chords + arpeggio’s – Versatile package and easy to use as you instantly select from humbucker to single coil mode

Soul + Expression especially on overdriven amp settings – Leaving the volume pot on 10 and you limit the guitars emotional content no end – Leave the amp alone, with the level of gain that suits – Leave the guitars volume pot on/around 6/7 and let this be your home/base camp – As such you’ll find that sweet spot, between a cleaner voice with just enough gain – Then simply wind the volume pot back towards 10, as you require more gain, so effectively a turbo boost at your finger tips – Hence my earlier comments about this guitar being loaded with soul, emotion + expression

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