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As a guitar player, we can all adapt a die hard policy towards our beloved Strat’s, Tele’s, LP’s, SG’s 335’s and indeed a host of other classic models and it is easy to see why that is so often the case – After all is said and done, such guitars have been the back bone of the history of pop, rock, jazz and blues from the year it all began – But that does not mean that the new kids on the block can’t challenge the elder statesman – PRS has probably made the greatest in roads in to this challenge and won many converts along the way – I dare say that in time to come, many of the younger generation will adore 20 and 30 year old PRS Guitars, in the same way that many of us have praised old Fender’s and Gibbo’s in the past – I know many customers are open minded and will check out new releases from the likes of PRS, yet many won’t even give them a chance, despite a well earned reputation for a far superior build quality and attention to detail – With that in mind who will give this Used PRS 408 10 Top, from 2012, with a eriza verde custom colour finish – Granted no one guitar will please all – But I do seriously suggest that a 408 test drive will be well worth it, as this is a very versatile guitar – Before I go into details regarding the 408 – click here and click here to read a couple of excellent reviews of the 408 (courtesy of Premier and Guitarist Magazine) – Then click here and click here to view a PRS video clip of the 408 in action  – Today the 408 is no longer part of the PRS USA Core Series product range – Effectively it has morphed into what is know as the PRS Paul’s Guitar

Products details regarding this used PRS 408 :-

The legendary PRS  playing experience :- Apart from the phenomenal build quality and impeccable attention to detail, the big feature of a PRS Guitar is the slick playing performance that they possess – A fluid action, plus effortless string bending, allows you to play with confidence and maximise your ability – If you want to live life in the fast lane this 408 will allow you to handle with ease those slick and stylish licks that you have worked so hard to conquer – Or chill out as you lay into some smooth comp style chords and a few simple blues licks – The Pattern Thin neck profile is ultra comfortable – It possesses enough depth to give you some substance in the palm of your hand – The two key words are slick and comfort – Furthermore such is the impeccable fret work, correctly profiled and polished to perfection, that intonation is as good as it gets – Even those complex jazz chords, played further up the fingerboard, still sound in tune

Tonal character :- Both the two reviews I mentioned above give a very detailed account of the 408’s tonal character – Along with the youtube style video clips I previously mentioned, so not sure what else I can add – It ain’t a Les Paul – it ain’t a Strat – Yet it gives strong insights in to both – it isn’t a jack of all trades and a master of known either – Yet it is a very versatile instrument – No one guitar does it all, but the 408 does a lot and it is so easy to use as you move from humbucker to single coil mode   – Any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me

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