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Further below I’ve listed all the regular details for a used PRS DGT Dave Grissom Signature model – But before hand let me update you with a few key details regarding this used DGT from 2018, with a cool gloss aqua marine finish – Weighs 7lbs and 9oz – Complete with the deluxe PRS case as well as the appropriate factory tag – Neck measures .848″ around the top nut end and fills out to .947″ around the top nut end – Note the fingerboard binding on this model, whilst the jumbo frets sit over the binding – PRS DGT custom wound humbuckers measure 7.29K neck and 8.52K bridge in humbucker mode – In partial coil tap mode they measure 4.5K neck and 5.75K bridge – Note treble bleed caps on both volume pots – The idiosyncratic nature of most signature models often ends up with a guitar that has a slightly odd feature, as that is what the name player prefers/requires – On the DGT such a feature is that the first volume pot is wired for the bridge pick-up, with the neck volume pot is the next one down – However the previous owner has professionally carried out two slight mods – 1) The volume pots are now in the order you’d expect, so neck first and bridge second – 2) Furthermore, whilst the tone pot is wired with the partial coil tap option, the neck volume pot has also been wired with a push/pull ‘true’ coil tap option for the neck pick-up, that measures 3.67K – So utilise or ignore as required – Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with an easy action that will respond to a light touch – The PRS factory set-up on a DGT is with a set of 11 gauge strings – I can adjust as required, but simply decided to re-string with 10-46 gauge as they are the most popular option for many players – Condition wise :- Clean frets – Look at the figured maple top and you’d be hard pushed to find any hint of a blemish – Look carefully and you can just about make out the odd subtle graze, to the very top surface of the gloss finish – Look on the rear of the mahogany body and any hint of a graze is again very subtle, if at all – So initial thoughts are of a very clean instrument – A more detailed tour of the guitar will reveal a nick to the top corner of the headstock – Many might not even notice it until it is pointed out to you, but nevertheless it is there

Product Features :- The Dave Grissom model (DGT) is the result of a  collaboration between 2 fine guitar enthusiasts – On one hand you have Paul Reed Smith, the master guitar builder (as well as a talented guitarist), whilst on the other hand you have Dave Grissom (a renowned USA session guitarist who has toured and recorded with the likes of Dixies Chicks, The Allman Brothers and John Cougar Mellencamp) – The DGT is based on the chassis of the established McCarty model, with a figured maple top, that is perched upon a thicker mahogany body  – It  retains the regular PRS 25″ scale length, with a one piece mahogany neck that features a new DGT neck shape, whilst the bound rosewood fingerboard is impeccably fitted with a set of chunky frets – Unlike the McCarty model, the DGT is installed with the PRS modern fulcrum tremelo system, complete with solid brass bridge saddles and tremelo block – Note the  smooth PRS locking tuners with the  brass tuning posts, as well as a set of faux ivory tuning buttons  – Control wise, the DGT is pretty much unique for a PRS Guitar thanks to two individual volume pots, whilst the master tone pot features a push/pull partial coil tap option, all controlled via a traditional 3 way selector switch – More on this further below

Playing performance :- Comfortable and easy to handle is the first initial comment, with just enough meat on the neck to add girth, but certainly nothing to impede your technique – The neck profile is based on the popular PRS Standard/Regular profile, so a similar depth to the wide/fat profile with a top nut width that is slimmer by a gnats whisker – This simply equates to a neck that is a touch slimmer than a Les Paul 50’s neck, yet a touch fatter than a 60’s Strat neck – Spec’d with a chunky set of frets, so it is so easy to dig in and control those big moody blues bends – Even with a fairly slinky action it won’t choke out – The whole PRS playing experience is about offering a guitar that is effortless to play, so cascading licks, or pentatonic blues bends are easy to handle

Two volume controls  – The large majority of PRS models feature a single master volume control, to control both pick-ups, but the DGT offers 2 volume controls, as well as a master tone pot – Leave the 3 way selector switch in the middle position, then as you trim back either of the volume pots, listen to the finer  nuances of tone that is available to you – Subtle yet very effective variations – For example, utilise the bridge pick-up, but now add a touch more depth and thickness to this tone as you blend in the neck pick-up – Or indeed take the neck pick-up and dial in a touch of edge and brightness from the bridge pick-up – That is not the end of it – Try the same  with the coil tap options and you’ll find some excellent Tele-esq and Strat-esq voices – Such tonal quality ensures the DGT is often dubbed ‘the guitar players’ guitar as it is loaded with soul and emotion

Click here to view Dave Burrlucks review of the DGT for Guitarist Magazine going back to 2008 and click here to see a clip of Dave putting the DGT through its paces

Tonal Character :-  The DGT pick-ups – There has been a lot of talk about the DGT pick-ups – Dave owns an original 335, with a pair of the highly sought after PAF pick-ups – This is the tone he required from his custom spec’d PRS Signature model – Time was spent trying different magnets, different windings and a host of other options, with the sole task of capturing the tone of his 335 – When Dave was happy with the final result, testing was over – The result is that these pick-ups are only available on a DGT Guitar and are not available to be purchased on their own from within the PRS pick-up range  – Played acoustically this DGT has a vibrant big voice –  Some players pass comment that the PRS DGT is the guitar players guitar – Maybe a vague comment or that it is so versatile – As an overview it captures the old school vibe of a 335, or Les Paul, from the golden vintage era of PAF pick-ups, which makes it so desirable for classic rock and blues, so maybe less of an appeal to any die hard shred player – So warm, fat rich and smooth and sings when it needs to – Good articulation so it never enters the world of mushy, but there is enough meat in the tone to add body – Clean tones support lush chords and chilled out licks and if you are in the land of BB King, then the DGT is more than happy to join you – Drop to the neck pick-up for exceptionally warm tones, or the bridge pick-up for more bite yet always musical – Add the gain on the amp and from more subtle settings to saturated hi-gain the DGT is on home turf – Pete Green or Paul Kossoff, to Bonamassa or Moore and the DGT knows what it is doing – It is the type of guitar that you don’t get bored of – Some tonal variations are more subtle than others yet equally they are very effective – No one guitar is the be all and end all that does everything, but the DGT covers a lot of turf and is a modern day classic based on the old school values of many fine guitars from a previous golden era

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