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So what is the difference between a Fender USA Vintage 62 Replica and a Fender USA Vintage Hot Rod 62 Strat ? – Maybe if you just quickly look at the guitar then very little obvious differences – In truth, the differences are subtle but effective and maybe it can be summed up as ‘the best of old coupled with the best of new’  – A quick summary of ‘hot rod’ features include 6105 chunkier frets, 7.25″-12″compound fingerboard radius, satin finish on the neck for a ‘silky smooth played in’ character, 2 point modern fulcrum trem + a set of locking tuners, S1 switching for additional tonal variations from a blend of 56/59/65 pick-ups – Such features found there way on to the vintage Strats, or signature Strats of our guitar hero’s – SRV, Hank Marvin, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Dave Gilmour etc – For one reason and that is that they enrich the playability of the guitar – So now it is time to supply you with a host of info regarding this used example from 2013 :-

The modern appointments ensure that such a guitar has more of a slick ‘easy to handle’ feel about it – The chunkier frets will allow you to dig in and easily complete those big blues bends – Even a set of 10’s now have a slinky feel about them, so some might even venture towards a set of 11’s – I can edit the set-up as required – The compound radius is a nice blend of vintage/modern – Around the top nut end, then the 7.25″ radius feels familiar for chord work – But as you move up towards the 12th fret and beyond, the radius flattens out to 12″ – Favoured by the likes of Eric Johnson – So a fluid action, with no choking out is the end result  – You can still sit in the slow lane and dig in as required – But for those that want  sit in the fast lane and show off a few cascading licks n tricks then this set of features will certainly assist you – Tonal character is pure vintage – None of the pick-ups are hot – So tonal character over guts and power – Hence plenty of dynamics, snap and attack – Overall it is very responsive to you stroking the strings or digging in and attack – In short the tonal character is classic vintage Strat

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