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Trying to find an original PRS 513 Rosewood (with the rosewood fingerboard and neck) is now becoming somewhat of a rare event, so aren’t we the lucky guts, who can now offer for sale such a fine used example, from 2004 with a ruby finish – Two quick stories that might appeal to select buyers – 1) 2004 is the first year of production of the 513, so this is an early example – Sadly the original model was only available for around 2 years – 2) This guitar was previously owned by Martin Barre of Jethro Tull – It comes with a photo print copy of Martin playing the guitar – Plus additional documentation, on Manson’s headed notepaper, from Martin to a previous owner – Note Manson’s, down in Devon, is the local music shop to Martin and he is a well known customer to the store – Complete with the deluxe PRS case, eagle swing tag, case mod cat bar code label + various paperwork – Condition wise and this is a 513 that you can gig and play without having to give it the kids glove treatment – It is not in that ‘as new showroom’ condition – Yet it is certainly not ‘well used’ – Subtle wear/fade to the gold plated hardware – Any hint of fret wear is barely negligible and certainly barely worth a mention – Look on the rear of the body and you’ll find light compression ‘belt buckle’ wear to the top surface of the finish – Nothing nasty and barely noticeable on the web site pics, as they are more subtle, as against ‘aggressive’ wear that shows the bare wood – Look at the gloss finish on the figured maple top and on first viewing you may well miss any slight blemish, as again they are far more subtle – Hint of a ‘haze’ around the top E string side from pick marks, but again nothing of any concern – Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a slick easy action that will respond to a light touch

That scrumptious figured maple top, decked out with a cool ruby gloss finish, sure looks easy on the eye – Yet it looks far more appetizing when viewed in the flesh, so sorry that the pics don’t do it justice – One piece mahogany body (whole guitar weighs 8lbs and 4oz ) – One piece Brazilian rosewood neck with a ‘513’ neck profile – Measures .861″ around the top nut end and .953″ around the 12th fret – 25 1/4″ scale length – The 22 fret Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is impeccably embellished with a set of special 513 gold mother of pearl bird inlays – The headstock features a matching Brazilian rosewood headstock facia, along with a gold mother of pearl inlay for the PRS signature logo – Also take note of the  ‘513’ inlay on the Brazilian rosewood truss rod cover – The gold hardware includes a set of PRS 14:1 ratio locking tuners, plus the PRS patented modern fulcrum tremolo system, that incorporates a set of 6 milled brass bridge saddles – The easy to use integrated electronics package delivers 13 modern + vintage tones via the 5 proprietary pickups – The 5 way switch is a regular pick-up selector, whilst the 3 way ‘mode’ switch allows you to select between single coil, clear/vintage humbucking or modern/heavy humbucking modes – More on the playing and tonal performance below, but as an overview, endless tonal options are only limited by your imagination – This is the guitar that takes you from the single coil land of Little Wing or Gilmour, to the humbucking land of Santana and EVH, in just a few switch changes

The 513 has a fairly unique neck profile within the PRS product range, with a nut width of 42.4mm that is just a tad slimmer than the best selling PRS wide/fat or wide/thin neck profile, all of which puts it more firmly in the Strat territory, albeit with a touch more depth – A close relative to the profile of a PRS DGT neck – With a 25 1/4″ scale length and factory set-up with a set of 10’s, the 513 has more of a  slightly stiffer feel about it, compared to other PRS models, yet the action is still just as fluid and easy going throughout the length of the fingerboard – String bending and controlled vibrato are effortless, due in part to the 10″ fingerboard radius + a set of medium jumbo frets, so no choking out when you rip into those big blues bends – The combination of the PRS fulcrum tremolo system, plus locking tuners, ensures trouble free tuning for all but excessive use of the trem arm – The tremolo itself has a nice, smooth and positive feel about it, allowing  for both up and down movement

Tonal character :-  Click here for a video clip of the 513 in action – The 513 is well worth its selling price based on the tonal options that are possible from a 513 – The single coil tones found on the 513 are Strat influenced, more akin to the warmer and darker tones found on a rosewood fingerboard 60’s Strat, with crystal clear sparkling highs – Are they exact DNA replicas of a Fender Strat tone? – Probably not, just different and I mean different in a good sense as there is not a definitive Strat tone anyway – After all, Strats from different periods produce a slightly different flavour, regarding the finer nuances of the tonal character, but think Stevie Ray Vaughan, or Dave Gilmour, and you’ll be getting pretty close – Move the 3 way ‘mode’ switch to the middle position and the 2 sets of single coil pick-ups, that are perched in the neck and bridge positions, each now become a ‘vintage’ based humbucker – The tone perhaps leans more towards the vibe of a semi acoustic 335 style, in that they possess more clarity, with less moody mids than you’ll find on many Les Paul’s – Rich and warm in the neck position with a tad more bite and sustain in the bridge position, yet still with excellent articulation – Even playing chords, around or above the 12 fret area and  you’ll hear excellent string separation, with a piano like chime – Remember that even with the ‘mode’ switch set in position 2 or 3, to deliver the humbucking tones, by changing the 5 way pick-up selector switch, to position 2 or 4, you can still obtain those classic ‘out of phase’ Strat flavoured tones

Finally, move the 3 way ‘mode’ switch to position 3 and the humbuckers now become hotter, with more windings – This is the screaming modern humbucking option, often preferred by contemporary or modern guitarist – Whilst you can use this ‘hotter tone’ on clean amp settings, it can sound a touch hard – Yet add some overdrive on your amp, or pedal and screaming lead tones, full of rich harmonics become apparent – This is not a jack of all trades, master of none, it is a very flexible professional tool which can years of pleasure to many guitar players – On either of the tonal positions that you select on the mode switch, you’ll find the volume and tone pots very responsive – Subtle tweaks on the pots will ensure effective variations of gain on the amp, to deliver so much more emotion, soul and expression – Endless options, limited only by your imagination


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