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When this Fender Custom Shop 67 NOS Tele was born, in 2005, it was spec’d as an NOS model from the ‘Time Machine’ series – That is new old stock, which equates to a new shiny gloss white blonde finish – 16 years later and it has now acquired some of that natural played in character, so it now looks far less ‘sterile’ with a few nicks, grazes and the odd ding, along with some of that ‘custard yellow’ old school mojo – Maybe not as ‘worn’ as what the Custom Shop team would tag as a ‘relic’ but it certainly can’t now be considered as new – That begs a question – The supplied certificate clearly shows it is an NOS model, so that ‘legally’ is part of its model name – But is it still an NOS model/finish, if it has acquired some aged mojo – Likewise you could say a relic finish, that has barely been played, is still in that ‘as new showroom condition’ yet has been loaded with played in character – Based on a 1967 model, it is effectively vintage spec’d throughout, so is as close to an original 67 model as you’ll find, without spending some big bucks on an original model that will now be well over 50 years old

Spec + additional info for this Fender Custom Shop 67 NOS Tele :-

Playability and tonal character – Pure vintage old school from tip to toe – The vintage frets and 7.25″ fingerboard radius are straight from the 67 era- Yet I have managed to still set it up with a slick action that allows you to show off a few chosen slick licks – Certainly comfortable for chord work and those more simplistic melodic licks and riffs – For players wanting to dig into some big blues bends might need a slightly higher action and/or try a set of 9’s as per James Burton did on a 60’s Tele – I can accommodate with changes to the set-up as required  – How do I describe the tone of a vintage spec’d Tele, when we have probably all heard such a guitar many  times – You know a Tele can cover a wide genre of styles from chilled out jazz and blues, to hot country, raw blues and aggressive punk and a host of tones and styles in between – The volume pot features a treble bleed cap, so it will retain the highs/clarity as you roll off the volume pot from 10 – This will allow you to control the level of gain on the amp, from that full on mode, to less gain, as required – If you find the highs, especially on the bridge pick-up, are a touch to feisty, then a subtle tweak on the tone pot is effective, to deliver a voice that is a touch more in control – Some more budget based Teles produce a tone that can be a touch thin and brittle, especially when you hook it up to an amp with overdrive on it – This has far more depth and body about it so sounds far more musical – Yet to get far more variation, soul and emotion from it, then don’t just leave the 2 pots on full, as subtle variations will deliver effective results – Many new Custom Shop models, with an aged finish, are now approaching the £4k price range, so this 67 Tele will not cause as much harm to your credit card and/or bank balance

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