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I originally listed this used Rickenbacker 330 12 String for sale at £2599 – Maybe a touch ambitious – However it is now re-listed at £1999 – Full details + info below – Any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me

View various web sites, visit guitar shops, or flick through the guitar magazines and you’ll notice the market place is loaded with guitars – Many are influenced by the classic guitars from the golden era – Many are the new breed of modern/virtuoso style with locking trems – Many are from a host of boutique builders – Many are simply cool with a distinctive odd ball design  – You’ll also notice a host of similar copies that pour out of various far eastern factories  – Yet a Rickenbacker Guitar is pretty much unique – Not just the shape and styling, but the feel, playability and above all that clear punchy jingly jangly tone – Almost to the point that the guitar world only has one contender as the most sought after electric 12 string to buy/own/play – Instantly recognizable both on screen and on the radio – From the moment you first heard the Byrds play Mr Tambourine Man and the Beatles played A hard day’s night, that Ricky tone has been part of pop history – The Who, Tom Petty, REM and many others have picked up the mantle and ran with it –  So let me update you with various details regarding this used, 1995 Rickenbacker 330/12 with a mapleglo, natural finish

I have checked the condition and whilst I can’t award it with that ‘as new/mint condition’ tag – It is very clean – Granted a natural finish is pretty good at hiding any graze or nick – But you’ll have to look long and hard to find any hint of a scuff  to the top surface of the gloss finish – Then you’ll have to be very fussy to take any issue with any slight blemish that you’ll find – Any hint of a graze you may find is minimal and skin deep at worse – Clean frets – The fact that it is now around 26 years old, plus so clean, tells you it has either been well cared for, or barely played -Overall, this is an exceptionally clean guitar that includes the deluxe Rickenbacker fibre case, appropriate polishing cloth + manual – Whole guitar weighs a very credible 8lbs and 2oz – Neck measures .899″ around the top nut end and .921″ around the 12th fret – C profile with only a slight ‘fatter’ taper as you move up the fingerboard/neck – Re-strung with a set of Elixir 10-46 gauge strings – Effectively the 330/12 has identical spec and features as per the classic 330, with the obvious inclusion of an extra 6 strings – Even the more expensive 360/12 string only differs with regard to a few cosmetic issues, plus the option of a stereo output, which few, if any, ever utilise – Hence maple body, maple neck, lacquered fingerboard, 10″ fingerboard radius, 24.75″ scale length, the R tailpiece, slotted headstock, dot inlays  and of course a pair of Ricky single coil pick-ups  – You might not buy a Ricky 12 string to be your main instrument, but if you want that distinctive voice you only have one option – Final point – With a Rickenbacker 12 string, if you wish to utilise it as a 6 string then easy enough to remove the octave strings – The whole set-up, top nut, neck width etc allows the 12 string model to feel/perform as per a 6 string, as required

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