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I dare say that many guitar players are not familiar with  FGN Masterfield Guitars as a brand – Yet most guitar players will have owned, played or be familiar with the thousands of guitars that have been produced in the FujiGen factory in Japan – For many years the FujiGen facility has produced many fine guitars for Ibanez, Antoria/CSL, The Roland Guitar Synth, Yamaha, Epiphone replicas built in Japan, some Gretsch Guitars, Orville and Greco – And remember those highly rated Made in Japan models that Fender released around 1982 ? – They all came from the FujiGen factory – In fact all/most Fender Guitars with the ‘Made in Japan’ decal were built in the FujiGen factory – I believe they were the first, or one of the first guitar factories to install a CNC machine in the wood work department – And in the early 80’s I believe the FujiGen factory produced more guitars than any other factory in the world – In 2009 FujiGen thought it was about time that they commenced with their own brand and as I’m sure you can fully appreciate, they are not a bunch of new comers to the guitar world – So this now leads us to the birth of the FGN Masterfield models, including this used semi acoustic model, from 2011 – I dare say many players are familiar with some mighty fine 335 style models that have been built in Japan – The Tokai 335 style vintage models, the Ibanez AS and smaller bodied AM models, plus the excellent Yamaha SA models can all give a Gibson a good run for the money – I would now add this used FGN Masterfield MSA-SP Semi Acoustic guitar to this list – It is a very special instrument, both with regards to its build quality, attention to detail, feel, playing experience and tonal character – They may well be one of the best kept secrets in the guitar world today

In no particular order, then let me update you with a host of info with regards to this FGN Masterfield MSA-SP :-

Playing experience :- This is one of the nicest guitars I have ever played – So much so that I nearly kept it for myself – Indeed I still keep asking myself that should I be keeping it – But these days I’m a business first and a guitar player second – I’m a big fan of PRS Guitars, in part as they offer such a slick and easy playing experience, with an action that responds to a light touch – This FGN reminds me of playing a PRS with the wide/fat neck profile – Just enough meat to the neck to aid tone, sustain and stability, yet not to much meat that hinders the feel/playing experience – You can dig in and attack those big blues bends, as required – Hence milk and savour each and every note – Yet burn up and down the fast lane and show of those cascading licks and tricks you’ve worked on – Yet melodic, jazz based chords, sound so perfect as you move up the fingerboard – It is effortless to play and feels so comfortable

Tonal character :- Probably comes in with more of a 330 character than a 335 character – More polite than ballsy – So probably more Steely Dan and Larry Carlton, than say Clapton/Cream – Maybe not as ‘woody’ as the full hollow body nature of a 330 –  The centre block will minimize/eliminate the feedback issue that you find on a 330, yet it is more airy and light sounding, than a 335  – That doesn’t mean you can’t plug it into an amp that is set-up with gain/overdrive, but in my opinion it is more polite sounding, plus more educated, so less gain suits the guitar more than a Metallica’ style hi-gain setting – Yet it works well for those 40’s and 50’s ‘raw’ style of blues, aka BB King and John Lee Hooker  – The neck pick-up is lush and smooth – If Lindt made guitar neck pick-ups then this is how they’d sound – The bridge pick-up possesses bite and attack, yet musical and full sounding, so it is not brittle or harsh – The P90 pick-ups can deliver somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde character as they morph from that chilled out jazz/blues voice, that the neck pick-up delivers, to more bite and attack from the bridge pick-up – For the jazz/easy listening styles of Burt Bacharach, to the pop style of The Beatles, to the clean blues of ‘The Thrill has gone’, to the melodic pop styles of Squeeze, Crowded House, Aztec Camera, to the Rock-a-Billy styles of Setzer, to the jazz/blues fusion styles of Ford and Carlton, this FGN is on home turf – Overall a very pleasant guitar to play and enjoy

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