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I am often asked questions like ‘what is the best guitar that you can buy’ ? – I’m not sure that there is a definitive answer, as I firmly believe that the best guitar does not exist – Many great guitars have attributes that make them so special and highly desirable – Yet at the end of the day a Tele does not sound like a Les Paul, whilst a PRS does not sound like a Strat – So very much each to their own as personal preferences comes into play – Maybe it would be easier if the question was ‘what is, or what are amongst, the finest built guitars’ ? – Again there is not a definitive answer,  but the likes of PRS and Tom Anderson are certainly two of the leading contenders – PRS lead the way with the traditional glued-in mahogany body/neck format, whilst Tom Anderson lead the pack with the bolt-on maple neck format – Starting  in the 1970s, within the original Schecter Guitar company, before moving on to form the Anderson Guitar company, Tom has always had an eye for perfection  – You won’t get any prizes for guessing any influential factors behind this used Tom Anderson Classic S,  not just with regards to the cosmetic appeal – So yes the playing experience and tonal character is influenced by the Fender camp – I think it is fair to say that Anderson have not re-invented the wheel, more a case of smoothing out the edges, coupled with exemplary workmanship, to leave you with an instrument that allows you to expand the boundaries and develop your playing to a new and improved level – From slow blues licks, to flashy jazz fusion based tricks, then the Anderson neck is just a dream to play, allowing effortless and controlled string bending without any choking – The key criteria of selecting the finest tone woods ensures the whole guitar only just sits on the scales at 7lbs and 6oz – Hard rock maple neck with an rosewood fingerboard and fitted to perfection with a set of heavy/jumbo frets – The maple neck has a thin satin finish applied to it, which ensures that it possesses that silky smooth played in vibe – All Anderson spec’d hardware including the trem system and tuners – The VA12/12R/23 pick-ups are again spec’d and custom wound by Anderson to their own exact requirements, to deliver a tone that captures the snap, attack and emotion of a good Strat, especially with the 2 way mini toggle in the ‘softer’ vintage mode, so less output on each pick-up – Full power and each pick-up delivers a touch more spike/edge/bite – Clear smooth lows, sparkling shimmering highs + transparent mids – Fitted with a regular 5 way switch, so 2 excellent ‘out of phase’ tones with plenty of body and quack – Further more, the push/pull option on the tone pot allows you to add the bridge pick-up to the neck pick-up, as required, for an additional middle position Tele-esq character – The fret work and intonation is so perfect, that even as you play complex jazz chords up the fingerboard, each note sounds so true – This Anderson Classic was born in 2004, yet for a 17 year old instrument, the condition is excellent without been able to acquire that ‘as new mint condition’ – Any hint of a graze or scuff to the top surface of the gloss finish is minimal – No fret wear worthy of any mention  – I’ve have re-strung and set-up the guitar with a new set of 10’s and a good fluid playing action – Included within the price is the deluxe Anderson oblong case – If you want the serial number to check on any additional spec on the Anderson web site, it is 01-25-04P , so please click here 

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