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This new PRS CE24 Classic Electric, with a figured maple top, is now offered for sale at a more advantageous price of £1749 – The tag and serial number both indicate a 2019 serial number, but this is in fact a new unsold model that I recently acquired from PRS – Look carefully at one of the web site pics, towards the rim of the body and the jack socket area and you’ll find a blemish to the whale blue gloss finish – I believe this to be a factory finish flaw, as the blemish appears to be under the gloss finish – Hence the preferential price – No rough or blistered edges, as the top lacquer itself is not damaged or split – For those players wishing to acquire a new case queen and intend to keep it this way, then maybe this is not the guitar for you – But to any potential buyer/player who will be playing such a guitar on a regular basis, as such it will acquire additional wear and tear as time goes on, then save a few pounds on the current new showroom price  – Please click here and read a great review of the PRS CE24, courtesy of Dave Burrluck and Guitarist Magazine

Additional spec and info regarding the PRS CE24 Classic Electric Maple Top :-

Feel + tonal character :- The hall mark of any PRS Guitar is that slick and easy playing action – This PRS has been re-strung + set-up with a set of 10-46 gauge strings – They actually feel lighter than 10 gauge, thanks to that fluid action and playing performance – The maple neck has a thin nitro finish that has been left with a satin vibe, so it feels ‘played in’ from day one – The pattern thin profile is not super skinny, but certainly thinner than most Gibson Guitars – It is certainly user friendly for any players wanting to sit in the fast lane and show off a few cascading licks ‘n’ tricks, yet the chunky frets allow you to big in and control those big pentatonic blues bends, as required – To many the vintage flavoured 85/15 pick-ups are a welcome addition to the CE24 – To a die hard metal fan then you may prefer something similar to the old HFS/Vintage bass combination – As an overview the PRS CE24 sits in that halfway house between the funky crisp voice of a Strat and the fat humbucker voice of a Les Paul – So a big humbucker voice with far more articulation and clarity – This is due to the nature of a bolt on maple neck – the neck pick-up can provide smooth and sultry tones that are ideal for laid back jazz/blues/fusion etc – Subject to the level of overdrive you like, the bridge pick-up can cover the basis from  50’s style blues, to the jazz fusion styles of Steely Dan + Carlton and Ford, to the blues/rock voice of Moore and Bonamassa, through to the classic rock voice of EVH – Tone from the bridge pick-up is tight and full with clear lows and transparent midst – Easy to find those pinched harmonics as required – Certainly a versatile guitar that can work in many different ‘rock styles’

That’s not all – Check out the ‘partial’ coil tap options – Many humbuckers sound far to thin when you select the single coil mode – I’m not saying a ‘partial’ coil tap will transform the CE24 into a full blown vintage Strat – But mid song if you require that Chic style, for those funky rhythmic chops, or to dabble with some Jimmy ‘Little Wing’ style melodic licks and chord work, then the partial coil tap options are certainly more than credible – I’ve said many times before that no one guitar does it all – But the CE24 is certainly a versatile guitar that can cover a lot of basis – It is a professional based guitar that should please many players for many years

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