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If you require a Les Paul that possesses style and elegance, than a Custom is the model that will appeal to many guitar players – Yet is it possible to make such a guitar more alluring ? – How about asking the Custom Shop team to add a figured maple top, that retains the Custom’s seductive appeal, without ever looking over the top – Today, guitar manufactures are constantly running into various environmental issues with regards to the supply of traditional woods – Signs are that it is going to get worse not better – As such, many used classic models are attracting serious interests from players and collectors alike, especially those built with the appropriate ingredients – Take the Gibson Les Paul Custom, which traditionally has always featured an ebony fingerboard – In recent years the availability of new LP Custom’s has been somewhat spasmodic, even those spec’d with a ‘Richlite’ fingerboard – It was not to long ago that Gibson even built a limited run of LP Customs, that were spec’d with a rosewood fingerboard – Whilst I’m sure they are still a nice guitar, that play and sound okay, but an LP Custom should never be equipped with a rosewood board – So with all of the above in mind, how does this used, 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom with an enticing figured maple top, grab you – With a classic cherry sunburst nitro gloss finish, on a figured maple top, a multi bound body and headstock facia, bound ebony fingerboard, pearl block inlays, gold hardware, plus the split diamond mother of pearl headstock logo, this LP Custom is more than easy on the eye

In no particular order please read the following evaluation comments :- 

Overall condition :- For a  guitar that is now around  13 years old, the overall condition is clean – Look carefully at the gloss finish and you’ll only find very light signs of playing wear/use  – At worse, you are looking at slight surface grazes to the top surface of the nitro gloss finish and very little, if any, hints of a ding or nick – You’ll find very little in the way of surface compression marks to the rear of the body – More wear and oxidization to the gold jack socket plate, otherwise the rest of the gold hardware is still pretty clean, with only subtle signs of any wear – Clean frets – So overall a clean and well cared for instrument

Not sure I even need to pass any comments with regards to the playing performance of any LP Custom – Surely all such stories, reports and evaluations have been posted many  times in the past – I know many would keep such a guitar as it is – Likewise some will always look at changing  the pick-ups, for whatever reason that might be – I’ve spent a short time with it hooked up to my demo amp and played it on clean amp settings, more of a subtle rock/blues overdriven amp setting and a hi-gain amp setting – The key asset I look for is can I control the amp from the guitar, to supply me with different levels of soul and emotion, as and when required – On a clean amp setting I might want chilled out jazz/blues, or crisp funky rhythm – I might want Muddy Water blues, or Larry Carlton licks, on more of a subtle overdriven amp setting – I might want bone crunching riffs, or scorching lead on a hi-gain amp setting – Either way I want to see if I can start of with the guitar’s volume pots on, or around, 6/7, but still retain the guitars character and tonal quality, then turn it back towards 10, as and when I require more of that full on turbo approach – Easy answer is yes it delivers what I expected

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