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In the 50’s Gretsch introduced us to the White Penguin and indeed the White Falcon – So was this the response from Gibson ? – With more binding, gold hardware, more pearl,  plus an extra pick-up, the SG Custom with a polaris white finish, certainly appears to be loaded with more extra trimmings – Hendrix was a well known user, with such a model from the mid late 60’s, Santana has been linked to an early 60’s model, whilst Sister Rosetta could be found strutting her stuff with an early 60’s model – Indeed Keith Richards was sometimes found playing a 63 model during the 1970s  – Over the years the Gibson Custom Shop team have released various replicas of such a guitar, with the sideways vibrola, the Maestro vibrola, stop tail, the Hendrix replica , the Sister Rosetta replica, along with various anniversary models, including only a year or so ago,the 60th Anniversary model – Today I can offer for sale a used Gibson Les Paul SG Custom 61 VOS Reissue with a cool aged polaris white finish – I have to admit I’m not sure if Gibson refer to this finish on such a replica as polaris white, aged vintage white, classic white, antique white – Either way I’m sure you get the jist – So let me update you, in no particular order, with a host of info regarding this ’61’ SG Custom :- 

Condition :- When you get a guitar that is now around 14 years old, but left the factory with a ‘lightly aged’ VOS finish, then it is hard to establish what is factory wear/tear and what might be ‘natural’ wear ‘n’ tear – The white nitro gloss finish has just enough character fade to it with early hints of the yellow/cream vibe so it doesn’t look ‘pure’ – Any additional surface light graze only adds to the VOS character – Certainly nothing in the way of a ding/dint that stands out as nasty and any signs of natural wear ‘n’ tear is subtle – The same comments apply to the tarnish/wear of the gold hardware – No fret wear – So essential a clean guitar with no issues but some ‘played in’ character that will allow you to play this delightful SG and not give it the kids glove treatment

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