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In 1954, the Fender company created a legend – The Strat – Leo Fender sold his company to CBS in 1965, so ever since that date, all sorts of myth and legendary terms have been bestowed upon Strats made during this magical 11 year period – With demand high and original examples fetching 10’s of thousands of pounds you can see why Fender created a range of pre-CBS replica models in the early 80’s – For nearly 40 years, replica models have been shipped from factories in Japan and Mexico, but the desire for a genuine American detailed vintage replica has always been present – Today, Fender allow you to buy a new American Vintage replica (AVRi) that takes you back to 1965, with meticulous levels of accuracy – As Fender state on their web site, rather than just replacing the previous vintage replica model, they have comprehensively and painstakingly carried out a full update to ensure a meticulous level of vintage accuracy – Restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pick-ups, reformulating vintage colours and much more, to ensure these American Vintage replicas capture that old mojo and magic –  Via a quick tour of Google I came across a very good review of the Fender AVRi 1965 Strat, courtesy of Guitarist magazine, so click here for additional comments

I can offer for sale today a used, 2013, Fender AVRi 1965 Strat replica, with a classic 3 tone sunburst finish – Complete with a deluxe vintage black case that features the silver amp logo, along with  a host of paperwork, tags, cable, strap, ash tray/bridge cover, spare trem springs, case key etc – Look carefully and you’ll find a small blemish, about the size of o, near the rim within the belly contour – See web site pics – The pics don’t show such subtle details, but look carefully and you can now view early signs of lacquer checking on the sunburst finish – Only light, feint and thin ‘lines’  – A feature of a nitro based finish – Some might say more authentic and an early + natural hint of ‘used/aged’ character – Otherwise this is a very clean instrument with no fret wear – The V13 + 5 digit serial clearly indicates this Strat is a 2013 model  – I’ve re-strung it with a new set of 9.5 gauge strings so it is already to go with a nice sensible action – 9.5’s are a hybrid gauge between the regular 9 and 10 gauge strings, but in my opinion they suit the 7.25″ radius with vintage frets – 9’s are to skinny and 10’s a touch stiff – Of course I can edit the set-up as required

Spec and features include : –

Tonal character :- The grey bobbin pick-ups, from this era, are the least powerful vintage pick-ups that Fender have ever produced, yet they have found legendary status, as much due to Hendrix, thanks to all his work around the mid/late 60’s – And of course the SRV  Lenny Strat is from the same era – Today players like John Mayer adore the ‘scooped’ nature of a grey bobbin pick-up – So it’s all about tone and not power – Clear transparent properties are instantly audible with rich warm lows and sparkling highs – More lush than hot, whilst the classic lively spanky nature of a single coil pick-up is ever present – More than enough musical character to sit with a clean amp setting for  chilled out playing styles – Yet only a hint of overdrive is required for these pick-ups to produce the magical qualities of Little Wing – You can add higher levels of overdrive, as required and control the gain level with the Strat’s volume pot – Also on such settings, the bridge pick-up is now wired to the bottom tone pot, so if you find the highs a touch fizzy then roll off the tone pot a touch, as required for a more angelic voice

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