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I have no mechanical skills whatsoever, but I often enjoy watching various TV car shows, whereby they either restore various ‘old barn’ finds, or indeed customise old vehicles into some form of a ZZ Top style hot rod – Such TV shows always make me think about similar projects that I might be able to undertake with the odd guitar from time to time – Obviously if you come across an all original/clean example, from any era, then best to leave it alone – Likewise if you come across a potential project, but somehow it feels wrong, plays like a dog, is to heavy, then with so little going for it, then again it is best to leave it alone – Then sometimes you come across a guitar that somehow gets you hooked and this is exactly what happened when I first came across this Fender 1977 Strat – Maybe I should have taken some before and after pics, so you can see why I took on such a project – This Strat possessed plenty of played in character, with all the natural relic of a guitar that has obviously been played on a regular basis for over 40 years – Good weight, played well, but with a non-original trem and what was basically a mess with regards to the pick-ups and wiring loom, it was  prime candidate for such a project – No point in trying to put it back to original, as A) it will never be an original guitar and B) I knew with a few tweaks and upgrades, then  I would be able to maximise the whole playing experience –

So read on for more details :- 

Can I say it is the best Strat you’ll ever find ? – Certainly not, for many reasons – Can I say that it out performs many/most 70’s Strats, then I would say yes – This Strat is now well over 40 years old – Possesses plenty of natural aged character and now feels, plays and sounds like a very good Strat – Sure you can find an all original 77 Strat, many with a price tag that will be well north of the asking price for this Strat – But you won’t come across many examples of a 70’s Strat that can match this 77 Strat for the whole playing experience – The quality/taper of the pots allows the volume control to fully function as an expression control, especially on subtle, crunch, hi-gain overdriven amp settings – As such you can play a lot with the volume pot on/around the 6/7 mark, for a more ‘in control’ voice, that still retains all the guitars true character – Then wind it back towards 10, as you require more gain with a touch more oomph and attitude – Hence so much soul and emotion available at your fingertips – Buy it, play it and enjoy it for what it is and not what it was, or could be

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