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The P coded serial number places this Fender JM66 Jazzmaster as circa 1993/94  – The transfer decal on the bottom end of the neck, clearly indicates this is from the ‘Crafted in Japan’ era – What is not obvious, until you remove the neck, is the JM66 factory stamp on the butt end of the neck – Whilst the replica range of Fender Guitars, from their own golden era, have been manufactured in Japan since the early 80’s – Many models and colours were never exported out of Japan and sold only to their home market  – Other models were released on a Limited Edition basis, for export purposes, on an ad hoc basis  – This JM66 Jazzmaster represents a model that was released only for the Japanese home market – So effectively we are now selling a Jazzmaster, with the spec and features of a 60’s model from the golden era – The 60’s C neck profile measures .850″ around the top nut end, then fattens out at .945″ around the 12th fret – So a vintage profile with just a touch of extra meat on it – Silver foil shielding under the scratchplate – Slab rosewood fingerboard – No fingerboard binding – Dot inlays – Clean frets and no hint of any fret wear – It has been played, but overall the condition is clean enough – No nasty dings or dints at all – So look a touch more closely to view any light surface grazes – Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a sensible easy action – To ensure a better set-up, especially with lighter gauge strings and a lower action, I have placed one shim in the neck pocket – This is now a common feature for many Jaguar and Jazzmaster players and allows for an improved ‘break angle’ for the strings passing over the bridge – Hence improved tone/sustain, plus strings not slipping out of the saddle grooves – Further more, to eradicate the issue of a ‘floppy’ trem arm, I’ve wrapped one layer of tape around the stem, so it now fits more snuggly in the trem housing – Some might choose a Staytrem replacement – The tape solution will need replacing from time to time – But it works for now – Price includes an appropriate Fender gig bag

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