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I suppose that if you are in the market to acquire a guitar that is now around 50 years ago, then there are a few factors to weigh up – As an overview many such guitars often fall in to the follow categories :-

This 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, with the classic sunburst finish, falls into the ‘Players Grade’ example – It still retains plenty of integrity regarding its original features, but a few changes have taken place, in the past, that probably reflects the needs of a previous player/owner to ensure the guitar would perform as required – No breaks – Original finish – Original wiring loom + pick-ups – Many prospective buyers may also look towards a ‘Players Grade’ example, that possesses the key features for that magical playing experience – Comfortable feel, playability and tonal character and this helps to sum up this 1971 LP Deluxe

In particular order, I have listed below a host of details :-   

Tonal character :-   I suppose Pete Townshend and Scott Gorham are two of the most well known users of a Les Paul Deluxe – Overall the LP Deluxe tone, compared to a Standard or Custom, is a lot more spanky, crisp and lively, with far less in the way of fat mids – Maybe un-known to many is that the mini humbucker on an LP Deluxe is totally different to that found on a Firebird, certainly with regards to spec, windings and magnets – Yes they look similar until you look ‘under the bonnet’  – It doesn’t sound like a Strat or a Tele but it does possess a similar attack, response, snap , bite and clarity – As such it ensures that chords have great definition, no matter if you are choosing to play through a clean or overdriven amp setting – Think of those Doobie Brothers style introductions and funky chops – Regarding its use as a rock overdriven guitar, then don’t expect it to sound like Gary Moore or Joe Bonamassa, as it is far less fat, smooth and moody, yet it has its own place and character – You can load the amp with loads of gain if required, but somehow I feel it works better with less gain – Maybe it is more about melodic and simplistic licks, as against the classic whailling blues licks that are played on many vintage based Les Paul’s – Maybe more suitable in an Indie style band, Tom Petty, or a Paul Weller style band, were melody and licks are more the order of the day – Maybe I’m explaining more about what it isn’t or doesn’t do, as against what it does and maybe that is because as a reference point to an LP Standard, it is easier to explain – The neck pick-up is rich but again with far more of that single coil clarity – The bridge pick-up is bright with attack and again more of a Tele bite character to it – It is a Les Paul but in a different way and certainly brings its own unique voice to the table

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