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With its distinctive nitro-cellulose alpine white finish, a multi bound body, plus headstock facia, bound ebony fingerboard, pearl block inlays, gold hardware, plus the split diamond mother of pearl headstock logo, the Custom has always been able to hold the ‘upper crust’ tag within the Gibson Les Paul range  – I’ve had a soft spot for an alpine white Gibson Les Paul Custom, ever since I first saw various video clips of Lindsey Buckingham, back in the mid 70’s during the early days of Rumours – Others might be hooked on a white LP Custom due to The Sex Pistols, The Manics,  The Clash, Randy Rhoads, or even The Edge – So time to update you with a host of info regarding this Gibson Les Paul Custom that dates back to 1982

In no particular order please read the following evaluation comments :- 

Overall condition : –  The actual condition of the nitro white finish is pretty good – Yet, as per many used Gibson Guitars, you’ll find some shrinkage/movement around the areas of the guitar where the binding and finish meet – Generally more of just a slight ridge and certainly nothing of any concern – But the actual nitro finish is in pretty good order – Yes you can find some slight compression belt buckle wear on the rear, but overall no nasty dings, or dints, so slight surface grazes at worse – The white finish has discoloured to supply you with some of that ‘custard cream’  character – Yet nowhere near as yellow as I’ve seen other amongst other LP Customs  – Usual worn patches on the gold plated hardware, mainly were you rest your right palm, but the wear blends in with the used vibe of the gloss finish – Frets are clean, with only the merest hint of any wear visible on the first few frets, on the plain strings – If it was taken nearly 40 years, to get to the level of ‘merest wear’ then there are plenty of years left in them before any fret dress is required – No nail wear on the ebony fingerboard

Tonal character :- Fitted with a pair of original Tim Shaw humbuckers – Some maybe aware of Tim, others will have never heard of him, so a quick history lesson – Tim was hired by Gibson in the early 80’s to re-spec the Gibson humbuckers and to deliver something more akin to an original PAF – They are certainly lower in output to many modern screamin’ demon models – Both measure around 7.4K – This helps to produce a warm clean tone – Lush from the neck pick-up and a crisp full bodied bright voice from the bridge pick-up – Funky when required for Chic style rhythm chops – Some may be worried about will they cut the mustard for hi-gain rock work, but do you remember the EVH Frankenstein days ? – That guitar and recordings featured a low output Gibson humbucker – So pick-up power is not the be all and end all as you simply use the gain on the amp or pedal for the sustain, whilst the pick-up delivers the voice  – The advantage with a lower gain pick-up when used with overdrive, is more warmth, better dynamics, plus improved definition – The neck pick-up will deliver those classic smooth tones that simply purrrrrr – The bridge pick-up has clarity, but not thin – Tight lows – Will sing with a good pedal and/or gain on the amp for all the sustain you need – The extra meat in the body of a Custom, along with an Ebony fingerboard, somehow helps with the tone and this LP is not short of guts – A pure Z Wylde fan may well still prefer a set of EMG’s or similar, but try them first as I found this LP Custom had more than enough character to get you hooked

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