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A very desirable Gibson Custom Authentic Les Paul 57 Gold Top from 2002 – Complete with the appropriate certificate , as well as the Custom Art Historic black case – I sold this guitar around 2009 to a local discerning guitarist, so eleven years later, I can once again offer it for sale – Knowing the original owner, as well as the last owner, I know this was originally sold as an aged LP – What we now know as the VOS models with a lightly aged finish commenced around 2006 – Yet this was proceeded by the ‘Custom Authentic’ models – A program Gibson started around 2001 – As such this 57 Gold Top is an early example with a lightly aged finish – I can tell it has acquired some additional wear, mainly light compression buckle wear on the rear – Otherwise any additional wear only adds to the ‘Custom Authentic’ aged process – No fret wear – Nickel tarnish

In no particular order let me update you with a host of applicable info :- 

Big tone :-  Some Vintage Historic replica  LP’s can sound a bit to dark and mushy, certainly as you add more gain – A combination of the wood, the treble bleed cap/mod and the Bare Knuckle pick-ups and you’ll hear this LP has far more clarity and definition – And I don’t mean thin, as the overall tone is big, but just far more clarity and sizzle  – On a clean amp setting it can sound jazz smooth and chilled out, especially if you roll off the tone pot a touch – Yet equally it can sound funky and crisp as required for those Chic or Doobie Bros style rhythm chops – Yet it doesn’t require much gain on the amp for this LP to start to show its true character and sing ‘n’ purrrrrrrr – With subtle gain on the amp, this LP possesses plenty of tonal character, whilst only a slight tweak on the volume pot is required to clean up the tone

Now add more gain and this LP is on home turf – Many LP’s can be to mushy with such gain levels, but that is not the case hear – The neck pick-up is ultra lush and smooth – So much so that you don’t need to operate it with the volume pot around 10 – Roll it off and find that sweet spot that still sings but somehow sounds less full on – Yet such an option allows you to dial the vol pot back towards 10, as and when you want a bit more edge – The bridge pick-up ensures lows are big, tight and focused – Nice warm mids that punch without over powering – Highs are clear and crisp, with a musical warm bite that is never harsh and certainly helps with those pinched harmonics – Again I found that the best place to set up ‘home camp’ is with the volume pot rolled off a touch to around 6 or 7 – Hence less gain and less of that full on approach – Then, if and when you require more bite and gain, just wind the pot back towards 10 – Hence so much soul and emotion is at your fingertips as you play around with the volume pots

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