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Funnily enough I sold this used Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom around 8 years ago, so no worries on my part that it is now back on my showroom wall, waiting to find a new home – Used model, from the Custom Shop team, with a date of birth as 2008 – Complete with the deluxe Custom Shop case, wallet/certificate and a host of tags and paperwork – In no particular order let me update you with a host of details :-

Not sure I even need to pass any comments with regards to the playing performance of this LP Custom – Surely any such stories and reports have been posted many  times in the past – I know many would keep such a guitar as it is – Likewise some will always look at changing  the pick-ups, for whatever reason that might be – I’ve spent a short time with it hooked up to my demo amp and played it on clean amp settings, more of a subtle rock/blues overdriven amp setting and a hi-gain amp setting – The key asset I look for is can I control the amp from the guitar, to supply me with different levels of emotion, as and when required – On a clean amp setting I might want chilled out jazz/blues, or crisp funky rhythm – I might want Muddy Water blues, or Larry Carlton licks, on more of a subtle overdriven amp setting – I might want bone crunching riffs, or scorching lead on a hi-gain amp setting – Either way I want to see if I can start of with the guitar’s volume pots on, or around, 6/7, but still retain the guitars character and tonal quality, then turn it back towards 10 as and when I require more of a full on turbo approach – Easy answer is yes it delivers what I expected – Lush tones from the neck that ooze quality with crisp clear highs – For many, bone crunching riffs to screamin’ lead breaks are what a bridge pick-up is all about when you talk about an LP Custom – Yet back off on the gain for more of a melodic approach that suits the jazz/fusion player

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