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Valley Arts and Schecter, amongst others, were early pioneers of the Supa Strat – As time moved on, the likes of Suhr, Tyler and Tom Anderson picked up the baton and continued with the boutique vibe, with a reputation built on perfection – Let’s not forget that Tom Anderson spent a few years with the original Schecter Guitar Company in California – So he was there at the beginning and over 40 years later is still leading the way with a small boutique workshop in sunny California – Over the years I have sold many new and used Anderson Guitars, as such I’m always interested in acquiring additional stock – So happy to offer this used, Tom Anderson Classic HSS for sale, with an ultra cool ice blue finish, that is only a few months old with a 2019 serial number – The serial number is  04-05-19P, so click here to acquire a few details via the Anderson web site

In no particular order, I’ve listed a host of details below :- 

The Tone Department :- Tom Anderson often provide the additional switch or two for a few extra voices – The 2 way mini toggle is straight forward and allows you to select the humbucker in its full power mode, or deliver more of a funky single coil mode  – The 5 way switch is nice and simple and works in the traditional manner – The tone pot features a push/pull option – Keep the switch down and the 5 way switch works in the traditional manner – Lift this switch up and with the 5 way switch now set in position 3 (the middle position) the middle pick-up is now disconnected and instead you get the neck/bridge pick-ups on together , so something of that Tele voice – As an overview the overall tone is of a hot ‘Strat’ that will tend to suit the rock player and the modern ‘fusion’ based player, and maybe less so the SRV based blues player who wants something more traditional – But it is not a party animal, that is all balls and no brain, as it offers excellent tonal qualities with overdriven amp settings – With hi-gain it retains excellent articulation without any thin fizzy highs, that are often an issue with vintage single coil pick-ups – So great for those Eric Johnson, Scott Henderson and Guthrie Govan styles, who favour those cascading licks ‘n’ tricks – On chord work, the single coil pick-ups are funky and very much fine for those Chic style chops – The bridge pick-up is tight and focused and will provide the kick and bite for power chords and riffs – Set-up with amp with overdrive, now leave it alone and control the gain level via the guitar itself – Subtle tweaks on the volume pot deliver effective variations which ensures more emotional control, direct from the guitar itself – As such you and the guitar provide the soul, emotion and passion

Playing performance :- Easy to comment on this – If you want a slick ‘n’ easy action then they don’t come any more slick than an Anderson – The attention to detail on the neck and fret work is an area that Tom takes great pride in – This Classic spec’d with a Gibson-esq nut width at 1 11/16″ so a touch wider than a Fender-esq nut width at 1 5/8″ – Effectively only 1/16″ difference but you can feel it  – Compound radius on an Anderson at 12″ to 14″ – A chunky set of medium jumbo frets that are similar to the Dunlop 6105 frets – Anderson call them Tall/Thin – Certainly not a skinny neck and certainly not chunky – You can dig in and attack those moody blues bends as required – But sit in the fast lane and show of a few slick licks ‘n’ tricks and this neck is a joy to play

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