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How many times do I hear the phrase ‘ I dare not take my PRS on a gig as I don’t want to mark it’ ? or words similar to this – If this is the case, or indeed you are looking at moving up the ladder and require a serious guitar that is a league or two above the Far Eastern mass produced models, yet costs well below two grand, then why not check out this used PRS Custom 22 10 Top, from 2002 – Stop tail model, with a dark cherry sunburst gloss finish on a quilted maple ten top, as well as a set of colourful abalone bird inlays – Weighs only 7lbs and 14oz  – So whilst it is now around 18 years old, it is still a pretty clean guitar – It certainly won’t acquire the ‘near mint condition’ tag – Yet it doesn’t look like it has just completed a world tour – Most slight grazes, or compression marks, to the gloss finish are skin deep, so nothing nasty whatsoever – I found what I believe is  a factory blemish, on the rear rim of the body, near the strap button – No fret wear – Some of the usual tarnishing to the nickel hardware – So used but not abused, so play it and gig it without any fear – Complete with the original deluxe PRS case – No eagle tag, but you can find the factory modcat code within the bridge pick-up cavity – As such all product details found on the tag can be verified by this label (see web site pic) – Re-strung with a set of 10-46 gauge strings and set-up with a slick ‘n’ easy action

Classic styling thanks to the dark cherry sunburst finish and a set of abalone bird inlays  – One piece select mahogany body, is par for the course on a Custom 22, which in turn is topped of with a   quilted maple 10 top – The whole guitar weighs a very comfortable 7lbs and 14oz  – Note the natural maple edged body binding – A true PRS trademark  – Whilst the build quality and tonal variation of a PRS is from the top draw, to me a large part of the magic of a PRS Guitar is the neck – So easy to play with a fluid playing action and effortless string bending – It just about makes a set of 9’s redundant, as a set of 10’s still feel slinky, so with a well balanced action, along all 22 frets, this a very easy guitar to handle – One piece mahogany neck with a wide/fat profile and an Indian rosewood fingerboard – Measures .864″ around the top nut end and .973″ around the 12th fret – The neck possesses a very comfortable amount of girth, but it ain’t chunk or fat – As it happens the difference between a wide/fat and wide/thin profile is 1/16″ extra depth – Wow – Big deal – The neck has somewhat of a comfortable LP flavour and profile to it that is eminently playable, with easy access to the higher frets – Such is the accuracy of the fret work, that chords still  sound in tune further up the fingerboard, which is a testament to the compensated wrapover bridge/tailpiece assembly, that is light weight and milled from aluminium, then mounted on 2 chunky posts – Note a set of PRS non-locking machine heads, with ebony/ebonised tuning buttons

The PRS Dragon 11 humbuckers capture and deliver fat humbucking tones that are LP flavoured – Neck measures 7.7K and the bridge pick-up comes in a touch hotter at 12.32K – 5 way switching, master volume, plus a master tone pot – The 5 way switch effectively delivers 3 fat humbucking tones, plus 2 single coil funky flavoured tones  – Granted, the coil tap options don’t produce the tone of a  true vintage Strat, but nevertheless they are useful for those funky Chic style chops – As such they deliver some additional tonal variation on top of the regular humbucking voices – The Dragon 11 humbuckers have excellent articulation, so they won’t sound mushy with hi-gain amp settings, especially when playing fancy licks or shred chords – Yet played on a clean amp setting, lush jazz/blues flavoured tones are easily achieved, which ensures a Custom 22 is anything but a one trick pony – The volume and tone pot have an excellent taper on them, so you can fully use them across the whole 1-10 range – Subtle tweaks on the volume pot provides effective variations  – As such this allows you and the guitar to control the amp, to supply you with more soul, expression and emotion – Whilst the LP, SG and 335 are vintage classics, the Custom 22 is without doubt a modern classic, with vintage qualities

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