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Of course £4299 is a lot of money – Yet the aesthetic qualities alone, of this PRS Wood Library Custom 24,  go along way towards justifying the price tag – Now add the key attributes concerning the playing experience, the feel, the tonal character and the playing performance, to further justify the price tag – With key ingredients, hand selected from the PRS Private Stock Library, this Limited Edition Custom 24, with a classic ‘faded’  vintage sunburst finish is mighty appetizing

In no particular order, then let me update you with a host of details regarding spec and features :-

Feel + playing performance :- A fast and fluid action from top to bottom, awaits any test drive, whilst 24 medium/jumbo frets ensures easy string bending, so much so that a set of 10’s feel very slinky – Add to this a 10″ fingerboard radius and you’ll see why the playing performance of a PRS guitar is so slick, in order to enhance the technique of any player – The fingerboard + neck are both less known, yet exotic tone woods from Central America – The Hormigo neck possesses a similar density to mahogany, yet a tonal character that is closer to Brazilian Rosewood, so warm with good a bell like definition – Note, no CITES issues with Hormigo – It has a silky smooth natural feel, so possesses that played in character from day one – The Pattern Thin profile is very much par for the course on many Custom 24 models – Slimmer than the wide/fat profile, yet not ‘waif like’ skinny, as per many ‘pointy headstock’ based models – So comfortable depth  – The PRS tremelo feels smooth and positive, so in-conjunction with the top nut, plus a set of locking tuners, it will ensure trouble free tuning stability for all styles, unless you are into serious dive bombing – The trem block and saddles both incorporate milled brass saddles to enrich the tone and sustain, so no monkey metal here – Again, the top nut, plus the quality of fret work, ensures excellent intonation, so much so that even complex chords, above the 12th fret, still ring true, plus sound in tune, to allow each note of the chord to be clearly heard

Now onto the final upgrade, regarding the pick-ups and switching arrangement – This  Custom 24 features a pair of custom wound PRS 58/15  pick-ups, to ensure a versatile tonal package , that is loaded with soul and emotion, coupled with excellent dynamics and articulation – Previously the Custom 24 was equipped with a Vintage Bass in the neck position and the HFS in the bridge – As an overview the 58/15 pick-ups are less hot – But more clarity and definition and in my opinion a warmer voice – Yet remember the likes of EVH utilise a vintage flavoured paf pick-up, so no shortage of gain/sustain as required, but somehow more warmth and more musical – From warm, vintage flavoured tones that emit from the neck pick-up, to crunch rhythm, power chord/riffs, to scorching lead breaks, that can pour out of the bridge pick-up  the Custom 24 is at home – The volume and tone controls work well over the whole 1-10 range, to further enhance the soul and emotion that is available to you – Treble bleed cap on the volume pot to preserve the highs as you roll it off – The neck pick-up sounds warm, fat and full bodied on clean or overdriven amp settings – The bridge pick-up has enough warmth and body to deliver the goods on clean/blues based amp settings, but as you add more gain on the amp/pedal, from bone crunching riffs and power chord work, to scorching lead breaks, a Custom 24 is on home turf – On any overdriven amp settings, don’t forget the extra emotion and control that is available to you from the volume and tone pots – Allowing you to ‘soften up’ the tone and reduce the level of gain as required – 3 humbucking voices are found on position 1, 3 and 5 of the ‘Strat style’ blade switch, whilst position 2 and 4 offer two excellent single coil flavoured tones that work well for those “Knopfler’ style licks or indeed funky chord passages – Yes the best selling Custom 24 has now just moved up another notch in all areas

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